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Magnum Detox drink?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by SDgoonie, May 14, 2009.


    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    Anyone use this before to pass a UA? Got one tomorrow morning thru Quest labs.

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    better go for a sub vs. mask.
    The quick fix is synthetic urine.....
    That is talked about a lot if you look it up here....Get it at the head shop....Temp. is the key with hand/foot warmer taped to a bottle key to keeping temps 90-100%. Either use a throw away stick on temp gauge from walmart or more expensive but reusable digital with the throw away pieces like the dr uses. Good luck....masking to me is very risky.

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    It may be risky, but its all ive got. Test wasn't supposed to be until the end of this month, but we got a little surprise today. Wish me luck!

    rawrfox Active Member

    Ive used drinks before that coat ur stomach so that the liquid you drink never touches your insides...they helped you just hve to use them right and everyone messes them up..this is what i did...

    1)Dont eat for 12 hours dont drink for like 6 (its good to just go to bed hungry)

    2)drink 1 glass of water in the morning, then wait till u piss all that out

    3)drink crappy tasting/Thick gelly tecture drink that smells like piss (hey..its made up of all the vitamins normally shown in piss)

    4)Sit for 20 minutes

    5)Fill the same container up with water and drink that (same bottle the "drink" was in)

    6) Piss 2 times, your 3rd piss should be completly clean.

    worked for me 2 times..:S
    the drink coats your insides..and contains lots of dif vitamins normally shown in pee (that way your piss dont look watered down)..

    dietfood Member

    they all work tabs or drinks

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