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Magnesium deficiency????????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Ratty696, Dec 21, 2007.


    Ratty696 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking in the faq section and the best I can figure out is I have a Magnesium deficiency. However I dont want to treat it if thats not the problem so can anybody please give me a second opinion??? I am 5 weeks into flowering, My soil ph is sitting at 6.8 I have been watering with bottled water with ph of 6.0 GH nutes under a 600watt hortilux hps. I am feeding 8ml micro 4ml grow and 15ml of bloom (per gallon) and 10ml of liquid Kool Bloom. they are also getting 1 tbsp per gallon of molasses.

    Ratty696 Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know???

    papajock Well-Known Member

    Mag Def starts in the middle of the plant and moves quickly. One teaspoon of epsons salt per gallon of water. If it is not mag def, the epson salt will not hurt the plant.

    ddriver Well-Known Member

    resurrecting the old thread just to check out if espom salt worked out for you, cuz I have EXACTLY the same problem

    TheGanjaMan23 Active Member

    Looks like it could be a calcium defecieny. Check the Ph, if the Ph is within normal range then try adding 1 teaspoon of Dolemite Lime per quart of water.

    Cheers, TheGanjaMan

    CustomHydro Well-Known Member

    Just to verify for future searchers, this is definately Ca def. Reasons for Ca def could be PH, too much Mg, or simply not enough Ca.

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    What sort of bottled water are you using, normally only distilled or RO water caused calcium and mg deficiencies.

    LionsRoor Well-Known Member

    What do I know - but: Looks like Magnesium def to me (rusting and leaves curling UP) - though the two (cal and mag) can both be low in RO or distilled water (hence Botanicare's popular product CalMag). Magnesium def usually starts with lower to middle leaves - while calcium def usually starts with younger leaves. Looking at Cervantes' book, other comparisons seem to point to magnesium def. I hope I am right, as I have this right now and I am going to treat as magnesium def! Oh damn - drives ya crazy don't it! ha ha

    Take care all!

    scragelynugz Well-Known Member

    Alright what was it - mg or ca?! :wall: I have identical symptoms and mg seemed to help a lot but the problem is not solved so Im going to add ca next water too

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    calmag should work for you. or some hydrated lime to the top layer of your soil. next grow add some fine dolomite lime to your soil mix

    dbo24242 New Member

    mebbe N and Mg, but yes I have a similar looking issue, with brown spots. There is no chlorosis on mine though they are stil dark green, but have tiny brown spots.

    skoooooot Well-Known Member

    I had a similar problem... and calmag worked for me. Im using a bubbleponics system with either RO or Distilled H20.

    jayrock32580 Well-Known Member

    You said you were using 1 tbsp mollases. Back off of it. Personal experience to much mollases with cause lockouts because the plant does not need that type of sugar or carbs. Mollases is a good thing to use for size and as a organic nute. I dont care what anyone says though if you use grandmas blackstrap mollases it changes the taste of your bud. Especially if you are growing a fruity or berry strain.

    beensoup Active Member

    Ever fix that prob? I'm lookin for answers to wh i get the provlem mid bud cycle

    nraged Well-Known Member

    That looks like a calcium problem not a mg problem. Mg will turn leaves kinda lime green and molasses if given too much will overdose your plants and raise the calcium wich inturn will cause the mg lockout. But the pictures in this thread look like a calcium prob.

    kbishop06 Active Member

    i have the same problem! defnatly mg! i started treating w/ cal-mag....anybody have an idea on how long before i notice a diferance with the cal-mag. i am using every watering w/ nutes and r/o water?? HELP!

    enjoytheday Member

    I'm using RO and have the same yellowing brown spots on older leaves with tips turned up. Have cal/mg but unsure how much to add to 5 gal. bubbleponics system? Tops look good its just the lower older leaves that are affected.

    IndianRyder Active Member

    Heres a picture of what i believe to be ph lock or nutrient burn. but i'm doing hydro/drip. it seem to effect the lower levels of the plant. I'm no expert.

    PoBox123 Member

    I think you are correct. You have a couple lock problems, Flush, Flush, and no more nuets. Stop the sweet also.
    Looks like you are close to finish, yes?

    Plants as you know start sucking up nuets as they are trying to finish? Not that unusual to have funky stuff happening very quick.

    Your levels can go crazy for no reason.

    Just keep it simple rest of the way. Your buds look great.

    Good Luck

    GangaFarmer420 Active Member

    I just treated my mag def, what you got is defently mag def looks just like mine, it starts on the older leaves and works its way to the younger ones, what i did since i dont use bottled water is, i collected rain water, boiled it and added hydrogen peroxide too it, let it cool too a warm temp, i then added the epsom salts with a mild organic kelp fert, because if your having a mag lockout other nutes are effected, i then flushed my plant many times with the water thats slightly over 7 ph level, some soils will go acidy by them selfs because of numerious things, which locks out mag, so i raised the ph of my soil abit and foliar fed it the solution as well as like i said flushed it many times, the warmish water stimulates the roots and the boiling with peroxide makes for sterile water, when i flushed the water fizzed and foam lots, the peroxide never hurt the roots or anything i did it mostly because im using recycled soil from my last grow, this will elminate hot spots, the next day my plant looked much perkyer and is now growing as usual after being locked out for a week, hope this helps.

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