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Mad Farmer Mother Of All Bloom= MOAB

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by irishboy, Apr 1, 2010.


    irishboy Well-Known Member

    hey i was wondering if anyone has used this stuff and has any feed back?
    Mad Farmer Mother Of All Bloom= MOAB. ive heard real good things looking on the web but wanted to find more info on how it worked?

    masonite420 Active Member

    Yeah man!...M.O.A.B. is a high phosphorus, high potassium boost to be used in the 1st week to initiate flowering and is used in the last 2 weeks to boost late flowering. Really increases yield and resin production while swelling your buds to that finished look. It is also the cheapest and, in my opinion, the most efficient for its price on the market.

    lowerarchy Active Member

    Hey masonite420, read this before you post:

    And again...

    And reread your post.

    masonite420 Active Member

    Well, in the last 2 weeks before your flush...your plants want high phosphorus and high potassium to increase their chances for survival by creating bigger potential seed pods....flowers...This increases resin production and weight....If you asking for the scientific actions of the plants uptaking the nutrients....I am no scientist...I just know my craft. The ratio is one teaspoon per 5 gallons of water and I wouldn't go above 1000ppms unless you know your plants can take it. Stuff works really well....Peace and good luck

    xzapato Member

    Has anyone used moab through out flower? As a stand alone additive on top of base Nutes?

    Mik101 Member

    What would be better for the final two weeks of flower fox farms big bllom and tiger bloom or the moab from mad farmer?

    kneecapman Well-Known Member

    stay away from tim mcveigh.... grow All Organic All the Time.... :)

    quit trying to advertise this garbage on here! :)

    Midwestmetal Member

    I get samples from my shop all the time. I was handed this to try, so I will. It is a late bloom booster, and is used to create more resin production and density. Don't say all organic all the time... you sound dumb. It's just another alternative to late boosters. I can't say that I would swear by any one. Trial and error my friend. Read up on NPK ratios and what plants want in the final weeks.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    I use moab during the final 2-3 weeks of bloom. It definitely works for me and has become a staple in my feeding regime.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    i use it week 4-6. love it
    Commander Strax

    Commander Strax Well-Known Member

    For $12 shipping on their web site they will send you "free" samples of

    Get Up – 8 oz.
    Get Down – 8 oz.
    Nutrient Uptake Solution – N.U.T.S. – 8 oz.
    Silica Shield – 8 oz.
    Root It – 2 oz.
    Mother Of All Blooms (M.O.A.B.) – 100 grams

    seems like a good deal to me, The 100g of MOAB is 14 bucks on Amazon

    I sent them the $12 yesterday.
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    POUND TOWN Well-Known Member

    IMAG0024.jpg yeaaaarrrrrrrppp

    mrblu Well-Known Member

    just got the sample pack also. 8oz of up and down some rooting gel moab great deal.

    Briansmith8585 Member

    I just did the same thing like a week ago for $12 you really can't beat that to try out the products.

    nugz4lyfbitch New Member

    i love this stuff its cost effective so i do not after buy a bud ignitor pr a pk or a ripen its all in one i run hydro dwc i use it the first week in between ounce a week nute change and depending on the strain half way till the last 1-2 weeks then flush

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