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M-land Super Grow Light?? 300w replaces 1000w

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by heffe', Oct 2, 2009.


    SpeedDevil Well-Known Member

    Dominique Florian

    Dominique Florian Member

    Hey guys just got another few pictures on the bi spectrum super grow light. In the pictures i used a 300 Watt bi spectrum grow light from mland. look into this and compare if you want to. Light is great + energy consumption is super low. interesting lights for all the growers out there
    1 pictures has been taken out from another threa discussion about the induction light, just thought you might wanna see this.

    Happy growing

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    chazbolin Well-Known Member

    Induction has been around since 1891. Tesla's original patent can be seen on the inda-gro homepage just click his picture and scroll down. Most people don't know about induction because of all the marketing hype around CMH, HPS, LED, Plasma.... but I can say after growing through 4 cycles, prop-bud, with the 4 of the 400 watt pro series which I replaced 3 1000 watt hps the room is not as hot and my yields are consistent at 300 g/p/m.

    I'm setting up another room and would be interested in seeing a cut sheet and pricing on the 3 more of the 400 watt models you offer. This way I can compare yours with other ones I bought. Also the last order I placed with Inda-Gro took a little over week to arrive which isn't bad but I would've liked them faster. Do have these in stock and how much are they? Do you take credit cards?


    chazbolin Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in 3 of the 400 watt series. how much including shipping to Chicago, Ill? thanks

    hardgrow Active Member

    hey donglai,
    do you have a low power lights 20-50watt screw in bulbs to supplement led for example?
    and some more info about light and tech or independent test results could be nice :-)

    oppeolighting Member

    This is Herry from Oppeo Lighting, one professional supplier of induction lamp and LED lighting. Both of these lights have their own advantage for different application, induction lamp mainly used for industrial and commercial, LED will be better used for residential or commercial which need small wattage. Welcome to visit www.oppeo.com or email [email protected]
    In a word, induction lamp and LED are really the 4th generation lighting source in 21st century. It is good substitute of florescent lights, incandescent lights, high pressure lamp, metal halide lamp and energy saving light.

    cyborg009 Active Member

    This is a post copied off another related forum. Excuse me for cross-posting this but it is very important to you all. If you have a look around the web you will notice other unfavorable stories about Mland and their affiliates.
    Here it goes:

    I see that Mland is still "selling" lamps. Now under a new affiliation. DonĀ“t trust donglai for one second about getting light-fixtures for reduced prices. They sure have sold some working lamps to build trust but the vast majority of deals are scams.

    These guys at Mland are crooks. I ordered and paid for a lamp at Mland and received a box of junk (no lamp at all). Mland company stressed the fact that FedEx had mixed up the parcels so I reported it as a delivery failure.

    To my big surprise FedEx took responsibility for the faulty goods(!) and agreed to pay out for worth of lamp and cost of shipping, though not to me but to Mland.

    The contact between me and Benjason Zhang at Mland was consistent with swift replies until FedEx reimbursed them. I I haven't heard a word from them since.

    Mland told me that FedEx will reimburse me, not them, which was untrue as FedEx gave me the name of the guy at Mland who had signed for the repayment.

    I do not know how they manage to confuse FedEx, this is not just a case of frauding the customer (me) but also the freight company. In retrospect all this seems well planned.

    As someone pointed out, if they ship, they ship badly boxed goods that turn up broken and in that case gets returned to them and my guess is that it won't be fixed or replaced/reimbursed.

    Do not go into business with Mland or anyone claiming to have anything to do with them.

    Even if you or your friend get a working lamp delivered to you (highly unlikely), they will try to pull a scam when the stakes are higher et.c.

    Conclusion: Not an honest company.

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