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    MikeLemon420 Member

    Ok I'm lsting some if my plants the one I toped and tied down both tops to an horazonal position and the stem split from to much tension where they connect to the plant I guess but it just did it in the last couple days and its been tied down for like a month Imade like a cast to hold her together you think she'll be alright it split like an inch?

    LogicTime Active Member

    I'd be careful if there's an abrasion bud don't want any bacteria/viruses getting into your plant. Other wise else I have no other info just try to cover up the abrasion asap.

    GrowinDad Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine just told me he has had success many times taping a break back together. never done it myself and sounds crazy, but maybe just crazy enough to work?!

    bongmarley7 Active Member

    Ive turned plants into trees by using the LST method! Turns the stumps and branches to straight wood! its AWESOME! i had a few splits here and there, bond it together and itll heal just fine!

    jonathanfrost Member

    i lst every crop. i often get splits. i used to bind them, but the last few crops i've just let them go. they're fine. just take it easier.

    this pic is from my latest crop. taken 4 weeks ago. left them alone. plants are finishing flowering this week. the pic doesn't show them well, but the splits are really extreme.


    RuffPuffer Member

    lst is the best fuk tha rest

    MikeLemon420 Member

    Alright thanks alot guys this is my first round actually training plants I think it's fun as hell lsting plants you can just make em do anything you want it really amazes me what these plants can go through I taped her up and no weird things or anything are happening as its been like 4 days but just had to make sure lot of work into these girls :)

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Yeah i had splits last time from LST, the plant creates a hard knot near the split.

    Bakatare666 Well-Known Member

    See the two tops how I crossed them to avoid pulling and splitting. feb4pic9_zps8466a8c3.jpg

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