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LSA is Amazing! My Third LSA Trip Experience

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by hhemmic, Jul 23, 2010.


    hhemmic Member

    So I discovered that HBWR seeds contain LSA researching on the Internet and specifically Erowid. After an extensive amount of research, I decided that I would give it a try. At the time, I had never tripped on anything but had experience with harder drugs all the way from Cannabis (my choice drug) to the horse with no name, aka heroin, and everything in between like opiate based pills and legal things like kratom.
    I am deciding to write about my third trip because I feel it was the trip that I was best prepared for and it was definitely the most intense. My first trip, I ate 6 and tripped pretty well for almost 12 hours…second trip, I had 8 and tripped about the same but that was probably because I did not wait long enough between trips.

    5pm- I took 10 HBWR seeds on an empty stomach, scraped the fuzzy stuff off first ( superstitions?). I would have used the sublingual no nausea technique but I just decided to chew them for about 5 min. and then swallow all of it.
    5:20- Nausea starts to kick my ass but I was prepared with a giant doobie. So I light it up and it always amazes me how fast nausea goes away when you smoke green.
    5:30- Nausea is a thing of the past. Yay! For some reason on each of my trips, during the beginning anyways, I like to watch TruTV (the station that plays a lot of Cops, Speeders, Most Daring, etc.) They were having a Police Wildest Videos or something marathon so I watched.
    6:00- I watch as TV gets more interesting and utterly hilarious, watching all those dumb criminals get caught. I also notice that I am thinking about a million thoughts per second but I am still focused, somehow…hard to explain. Weed high and LSA high become indistinguishable and I can’t tell which is which.
    6:45- Things are actually starting to move! Not a whole lot yet though. Colors are amazingly vivid. I also notice that my legs, mainly in the inner thigh areas, are starting to have mild pains when I walk around. My buddy J calls and I find myself extremely happy to talk to him even though he was telling me that he has been getting harassed by the local police for underbody neon lights. I strongly agreed with him that it was stupid. I told him about the seeds and he wanted to try them sometime.
    7:00-Still on the phone, and I decide to go outside for a cig. Its then that I notice that I have only a couple cigs left which worries me a bit…I usually chain smoke when I’m high on anything. And that’s where I started planning my journey to Wal-Mart. Anyway, while outside on the phone, I notice that my neighbors Montero appears to be breathing or something while the entire outer metal body wiggled slightly like it was water. Also, the yellow parking lines would simultaneously appear and disappear. Seeing as I was already getting some OEV’s only 2 hours into it, I knew I was in for a much bigger ride this time. J said he had to go so I went back inside.
    8:00- the body load is getting really intense at this point and I’m spending a good amount of time lying on the floor trying to control my breathing and staring at the swimming ceiling. At this point I could not for the life of me decide if I was hot or cold because I would be sweating and thinking that I was going to dehydrate but then I would move in front of the fan and I would start getting colder and colder until that was uncomfortable too. I was worried about freaking out so I went to my bedroom with my IPod and put on Pink Floyd and then some techno and rap…etc. It calmed me down relatively fast and my temperature seemed to settle.
    8:30- I find myself completely conscious but I can feel my body twist and turn on the bed while my eyes are closed and yet an entire storyline is going on like I’m dreaming. It was going so fast that I barely remember fragments. Something to do with me riding on a bus and shifting gears for the driver whose face kept literally melting into people that I knew but I found this normal cause I was telling myself that this was part of the trip. That’s the biggest fragment I can remember.
    9:00- I get a text from my GF which snaps me back into reality…I had been trying to get myself to get a cig but I couldn’t until she texted me. So I text back and light a cig after a few hits out of our bowl…I am indeed feeling amazing but crazy at the same time…I tell her that I need to get cigs and then she asks me to get her some. I saw it as a challenge. She goes back to work and I move into the bathroom to look at my pupils…they were HUGE (my girlfriend confirmed this later)…I put drops in them to get rid of the redness. I proceeded to stare at myself in the mirror for what seemed like forever, watching as the walls and everything in the mirror bent and twisted and I could see my “reflection” making expressions that I didn’t think I was doing… I finally tear myself away from the mirror and go about getting properly dressed to go to Wal-Mart only to run back and vomit, not much came up. It took me almost an hour to locate everything, having to take breaks and what not because the pain in my legs was getting stronger. It took me an extra 20 min. or so (I don’t know because time was funny ) to find my key to my apartment.
    10:26- Peak time. Everything in my view was moving and if it really physically moved, it had amazing tracers. I would lay on my back and reach up towards the ceiling and wave my hand around and it looked like I was smearing the ceiling like paint with my hand…Not to mention we have this awesome strobe laser thing that made it look like a million little, green dot-like bugs were flying around the room. Awesome!
    10:40- I have decided now to go to Wal-Mart because I am out of cigs. It takes me a bit to get enough courage to go out the door. I eventually get out there and start walking down the narrow deck thing which is constricting and then getting wider as I walk, like a willy wonka effect or something. I start walking across a vacant lot and look up at the moon which was shimmering and was super bright that I had to squint. A car passes me as I swear they must know what I’m doing. I could swear also that they were all staring at me as they passed and I stared right back with no expression. Oh, it was hotter than hell that night too so by the time I got to the Wal-Mart doors, I was drenched in sweat, I thought. My skin seemed to be changing colors from red to orange but I just accepted it and went in. The greeter was eyeing me suspiciously but who knows. I knew I was super paranoid so I strolled around to get my nerve seeing people do funny things that should’ve been normal, like stocking seemed to be ridiculous and it was so loud when they threw their boxes around. At this point, I feel my arms and they are dry even though a few moments ago they felt drenched…so weird. I walk up to the food area and there are so many people by the time I get to the middle that I started to freak, so I pulled out my phone and texted my GF to tell her how warm it was. When she texted back I felt much better and I looked up and saw a pile of cheezit boxes. Bingo! I pick one up and start confidently striding towards the cigarette aisle but there are a lot of people so I grab a bottled water and go back. I was standing in line behind two people and I could see my reflection in the drink cooler next me and my legs appeared to be shrinking and getting bigger… I had to look away. Then it was my turn. She scanned the cheeezits and I tried to annunciate as clearly as I could, “can I get two packs of Marlboro Reds?” I must have said it funny or quietly because she didn’t move for a moment, not to mention when I looked at her, her jaw seemed to be made of taffy or something stretchy and it was creepy but somehow funny. I scanned my debit card and as I tried to push the buttons for my pin, the buttons swirled all around. I cleared my throat to buy time…it worked because I managed to hit the right buttons.
    11:10- I hurried as fast as I could out of there. It was like someone just pulled a boulder off of me. I could breathe again and I wasn’t as paranoid, plus I was excited that I had completed the “mission”. My walk back was a blur because of the happiness. The time spent from when I got home to when my GF arrived at a little past midnight was spent staring at the ceiling and doing the painting thing until she said she was on her way home.
    12:11am- I went out to smoke a cig and wait for her to get home. Five minutes later she arrived. She had ridden a bike so she was out of breath but everything she said was so LOUD. Even though I knew she was talking normally, it seemed obnoxiously loud. We stood out there and smoked and then I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit again, I think I was standing too long. I ran inside and didn’t puke because there was nothing to puke up. I stayed in the bathroom though because I was beginning to feel exhaustion throughout my body but not my mind. I laid on the floor and watched colors, patterns, and things swirl about me, with my GF sitting right next to me, telling me about her day and I listen willfully, happy to have someone there with me. She eventually got up.
    1:47-My GF goes to watch TV cause I said it was ok for her to let me lay there, cause I knew it wasn’t exciting for her, although she thought it was crazy how big my pupils had dilated. I stayed on the floor for an unknowable amount of time and at some point crawled to the bed to toss and turn and enjoy the CEV’s. It was definitely not going to let me sleep so I would open my eyes for a while and stare at random things to see what they would do, like the blanket we use to block sunlight is a trippy blue green plaid that rippled fairly rapidly and our closet seemed to grow smaller and then spring back to a bigger size or regular size. Kaleidoscopes designs exploded in my mind when I closed my eyes along with most thoughts whizzing through my head materializing like a dream and then changing to something else at an immense speed.

    That’s the gist of it. I fell asleep at around 6am and got up at around noon and felt great and there were still some fading tracers around certain things. This experience was probably the single most awesome thing I have ever experienced. Once you push through the nasty flavored seeds, the nausea, and the majority of the body load, it is an awesome time…I can see how it can go wrong though. I always prepare several days in advance and if I’ve had a bad day, I DON’T do it. Tripping in a bad mood is a terrible idea. I got in a fight (verbal) with my GF the first or second time I tripped and if we hadn’t resolved it quickly, I would have had the worst 8-12 hours of my life. These little seeds are probably the most powerful drug I’ve ever tried and I’ve done A LOT. Mostly just green though, these days. And damn cigarettes… Peace

    Oh, one more thing…anyone interested in legal alternatives to drugs, I have personally tried Kratom Super Powder (Very good, nasty to ingest, works like opiates ) Wormwood extract mixed with green (Really does improve rag weed) Bliss Herbal Energy Supplement (Give good boosts of energy but I don’t recommend more than 2 at a time) Orange Krush Legal Smoke (Sucked balls…not easy to smoke and leaves a nasty aftertaste that sticks in your mouth for hours…smells like cookies though…) Just a tip to anyone who cares…

    dmajors Member

    nice post, something new to try. thanks

    skiweeds Active Member

    i did these druid fantasy pills. legal herbs that contain lsa from hawiian woodrose and morning glory seeds and a few other organic substances that are supposed to help counter any negative side effects. made me feel nausea real bad and it kinda ruined the whole trip. i felt almost retarded, i couldnt even play d2, it was like i couldnt comprehend anything. felt like it wasnt going to wear off. cant beleive i was actually able to sleep that night. next day i was completely fine though.

    hhemmic Member

    yeah, I've been pretty iffy on the whole "legal" alternatives for tripping. I've heard of people doing Trip2Night and Space Trips that claimed to have similar results as you. Maybe there is something funny going on.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Hey man, you should learn some meditation, you will be much less of a passenger in your trips. We do not observe fully when our minds are raceing.

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