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lowest temp a flowering plant can survive?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ease8, Jun 15, 2008.


    ease8 Active Member

    it gets pretty cold here in autumn, and i'm looking at an 8-9 week flowering on my plants

    how cold can it get at night while the plants are flowering without killing them and ruining the harvest? daytime temps in sept are just fine, pretty mild, i'm just wondering about those nighttime lows... i should still get a yield though huh?

    primeralives Well-Known Member

    im actually wondering the same thing, im in New England so it gets pretty cold and im looking at 8-9 weeks too (coco-train)

    primeralives Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure your good untill the first frost

    Hank Well-Known Member

    Anything under 36 degrees i would start to get nervous. Just keep an eye on the weather channel and local forcast when the time comes:P

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    primeralives Well-Known Member

    i just looked up the sunrise and set around here and we dont get 12/12 until september....

    ease8 Active Member

    thanks Hank, +rep
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    ease8 Active Member

    according to what i've read, you can do this:

    Get some large black garbage bags, or a large black tarp. Triple bag the garbage bags and put them over the plants for 12 hours a day, preferably those 12 hours including the natural night time. Do this for 2-3 weeks near the end of summer. At that point, you can either keep bagging them for a phony 12/12 cycle, or you can just let the natural light handle them. Near the end of summer, in WI, we're getting about 13-14 hours of light a day, which is fine for plants that are already being forced to flower. Basically just bag for a couple weeks and then let natural light cycles handle the rest.

    smokintreez Well-Known Member

    Primeralives, how did u look up your areas light cycle?

    vcrew.gambit Well-Known Member

    A cannabis plant (a tough one, anyway) can actually survive night time lows around 35 for a couple nights (provided the day time highs [no, the OTHER day time highs] get up around 50 without any horrific plant failure.

    But do everything you possibly can to avoid such a thing. Even though it survives, it does some damage.
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    primeralives Well-Known Member


    noodles21 Active Member

    well the temp where i am got as low as 10-17 degrees for a couple of days and nights i am in my 6 week of flowering, first timer i didnt have a heater in the room and my timer had died so light was off for how long i dont know (homemade flood and drain 18 gallon resevoir and a 5 gallon bubbler) i suffered leaf damage, a few of the fan leaves died or other just looks like nitrogen deficencies, but no real damage i trimmed them added heater 2-3 weeks left.

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