Lowering pH with vinegar??

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    chromer Well-Known Member

    So 3 weeks after the plants sprouted i was finally able to pH the water... turns out that it's between 7.5-8.0, closer to 8 which isnt too good at all.. is there any household item i can use like vinegar to bring the ph down or do i have to go and buy a chemical from some shop, etc.. would i want the pH to be at about 6.5? (soil grow)

    sinister Active Member

    anyone know?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    yes it's true but I would only use it in an emergency. Lemon juice is good. Phosphoric acid is ideal, as it is also a major nutrient required for growing (the P in NPK) Alaska Mor Bloom fertilizer (0-10-10) is Phosphoric Acid & Potassium Chloride.

    pinkus New Member

    yes you can. as it breaks down it is used by the plant.

    This may be sufficient if you use a municipal water supply, i.e. it's been treated and isn't really hard. I get my drinking water from a well and it tastes great, but after struggling with nute lockout issues for a long time, I opted to get RO water for most of the grow. I will use pH balanced well water toward the end of flowering and as a flush since we're trying to force the plant to use it's stores anyway.

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    White vinegar - down... baking soda - up if you can't get proper up/down.. Luck.

    indoorsavant Active Member

    What ratio should i add the vinegar to my water to bring it down say half a point

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    to bring it down
    lemon juice

    also most nutes will bring it down when you add them

    if your going vinegar apple cider vinegar is best

    my tap water is 7.3 I use a brita filter pichter for drinking water and water ran thru it comes out 6.5 so highly recomend the brita filter :bigjoint:

    indoorsavant Active Member

    Lol here you are again.....im gonna try the brita when i get off line it seems very promising.

    Ganjalatedtiger420 Active Member

    I heard use a couple of drops of vinegar to a gal. of H2O, This should lower city tap water which is in the range of (6.8 - 8.0 pH) now don't quote me on this range or formula sine it's speculation, but almost correct. 2-4 drops of Vinegar *regardless to brand and type* preferably apple cider vinegar is okay, regular clear vinegar is good since simple is best at times, i heard wine vinegars are to avoid. A few drops will lower it to 6.5 pH which is good but if you have hard water or it's reaching 8 i say dump it and get some drinking water in a container let it air out for a few days add a few drops of vinegar you should be fine :D
    CFL Grower

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    i know this is a old thread but for any one who comes across this it is 1/4 tsp vinegar per half gallon for 1 point -PH so if you have say a ph of 7.5 and add 1/4 tsp vinegar you will be at 6.5
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    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    meh.........water will buffer to soil ph. throw some apple cider vinegar in there, if ya feel the need.

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