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Lowe Buckets Gray Ones Light Proof? NEED HELP W/ Wrapping Buckets as Well! 9x Euforia

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by EmeraldBuddah, Feb 13, 2011.


    EmeraldBuddah Member

    I am currently using Those Gray Lowe Buckets Ive read that they are light proof and have also read that they arent! has anyone had problems with these buckets? i am doing rdwc...also i would love advice on what to reflective material works best (Mylar, Reflectix, etc.) and is the easiest to cover the buckets in?! also any techniques to make it look as clean as possible will be greatly appreciated! thanks all!

    ChubbySoap Well-Known Member


    EmeraldBuddah Member

    Wouldn't a reflective material or spray paint be better?

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    At lowes or home depot there's this hvac tape. Its a aluminun type foil tape for sheet metal. Its pricey but I buy it and use it to light proof and gain reflectivity at the same time.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Lowes buckets are opaque. there is no light that gets through the bucket or the top that is sold separately. You can hold the bucket or top up to the lights and see that. The home Depot bucket on the other hand....

    EmeraldBuddah Member

    Do you know this from personal experiences? So i Shouldn't have anything to worry about?

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