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low temperatures during flowering?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by frOstd, Nov 1, 2009.


    frOstd Active Member

    will low temps slow the growth of buds? the temps are at about 62-65 and the buds seem to be slowly creeping along after 4 weeks..

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    Yes, temps too cold will slow the growth considerably. You want it to be closer to 75F.:leaf:

    frOstd Active Member

    FuCk@!! and thanks :)

    Canabuds Member

    Is that day or night temp?

    65 degrees at night is probably fine.

    UncleBen has a post on garden tips and tweaks that says night temp should be 15 degrees lower. He uses 85/70, but 85 F seems hotter than others recommend; whether you are running CO2 probably has quite a bit to do with the optimum temp. They can handle higher temps with c02 enrichment.

    I am shooting for 77-78 F lights on and 63 at night right now myself. (no Co2)

    Its usually week 5 and later when buds start to fatten,

    buggin69 Active Member

    i got from 80 to 50 (day/night)... a few days were even worse... optimal - NO; will it work - YES

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