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low maintenance strains?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by st0nerr, Feb 27, 2011.


    st0nerr Member

    hello, i am looking for the MOST low maintenance strain of weed seeds that are for sale at a reasonable price from a reputable company such as nirvana or attitude. what i want to do is go to a random forest after the seeds are germinated and plant them then come back when they are done after some months, is this possible? also i have seen on nirvana a certain strain that looks quite hardy, called kayan gold (link here). do you think these are up to the challenge? i live in maryland east coast.
    thanks for any help

    st0nerr Member

    hmm yeah but i need stuff that takes basically no work at all is there such thing? and it should also be as large as possible because hiding is not a factor, ill go to some forests that no one has been to in a hundred years

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^You need to be looking at some outdoor strains, my friend. Many inside strains stay rather small, and/or don't do well outside. Anyway, the only real way to have good success and have zero maintenance, is to go out beforehand and prepare the soil, by digging a hole and filling it in with good soil. Yes, if the soil is already okay, that won't be necessary, but that's quite rare.

    st0nerr Member

    yeah that kaya stuff is an outdoor strain, so if i prepare the soil, germinate the seeds, and leave it with a little water you think they will be alright without any other help? this is my first time growing
    and yeah i looked at your sig before its cool but there's no way i can do that in my parents house lol

    im looking for some cheap, huge, and hardy out door strains and wondering if the kaya gold can survive with no assistance by itself for the summer
    smell, size whatever not a problem because i will hide it in the middle of nowhere.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    you'll want femminized seeds or you're males will ruin your crop.
    Honestly I think you're dreaming if you think it'll work.

    st0nerr Member

    yeah i know about feminized but you think its impossible? why? not enough water? or what?

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Go with an autoflower if you with minamal maintenance

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    that's not my main concern. Slugs, rabbits, deer etc could wipe them out real early.
    anyways, dare to dream, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    thats what id suggest to... NL5.......NLxSkunk or most simple NL crosses will be your friend here for upkeep and yields. Plus it ill boost your confidence and make you wanna grow more :)

    st0nerr Member

    hmm that is a good point but i can try and find a place that is hard to reach for deer and rabbits and idk about slugs

    is the kaya gold is a good strain to try this? or what would you guys recommend for out door growing with low maintenance

    MomaPug Active Member

    I agree, autoflowers are low maintenance and you can find mold resistant strains etc. Look for one with a good yield though as that can be a little harder to find with an autoflower.

    Attitude Seed Bank is having a 4th Birthday special, lots of free seeds with your order and a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam. Check it out!


    polymaTHiC Member

    I'm trying out kaya gold this year too, I'm not sure how it will turn out. Says it is a strain that you can just throw out with a GPS and come back and find a huge yield, but that's Nirvanas word, so idk what to take out of that..
    Alabama High Test

    Alabama High Test Active Member

    I was thinking the same thing...LOL I know though that Maryland's weather wont be warm enough till April or May.

    medicalmaryjane Well-Known Member

    bugs are a huge concern. I am growing on a balcony in a pot and I've had a few little bugs that I've had to pick off. If I didn't pick them off, my plant would probably be dead.

    KawiZZR Active Member

    If you're overly concerned with bugs and deer you could probably build a frame around it and wrap window screen around it, sides and top. You'd have to build it pretty big so the plant can grow in it, and even if you're planning this far away from people that'd be hard to ignore if someone went hiking in the area.

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