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Low humidity?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by richjames, Oct 30, 2008.


    richjames Well-Known Member

    Read some threads on here about humidity, always low. So, I was wondering What are the pros and cons so to speak of low humidity? I know low humidity will benefit flowering. But what are some probs caused by low humidity(besides it drying out quick)? Any benefits? :peace:

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    I usually run 80% for clones 60% in veg and 40-20% in flowering. It works for me and is really easy to remeber for us forgetful stoners. haha

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    There are some absolute advantages to having low humidity:

    1. Bud rot, Root rot, almost any kind of rot, mould, fungus - forget about it! With low humidity, you almost have to try to get these things!

    2. Swamp Coolers are a double bonus. No, make that a triple bonus! They are way cheaper to buy (or make your own, DIY). They are a hell of a lot cheaper to operate. And Swamp Coolers not only cost less than regular A/C, they also add humidity to the air as they operate - not to mention that they contain a powerful blower for air circulation - so I guess that makes them a quadruple bonus! If you don't know what a Swamp Cooler is - just Google "swamp cooler" - it's an "old technology" air conditioner that only works in areas that have low humidity!

    richjames Well-Known Member

    I run an ac just cuz the size of my space. Swamp cooler would be sweet in a bigger room. My humidity's been soo low throughout this whole grow, sometimes like 20%. Only thing i noticed really was that I had to water it more often.

    richjames Well-Known Member

    K, so anyone know what kind of probs low humidity causes? U think it would affect growth during veg, hermi the plant maybe? I've had low humidty throughout my current grow and can't rellay say it's hurt em at all. They do dry out fast, my pots feel empty every other day, but i let em go another day after before watering kinda tryin to make sure the roots get their oxygen ya know.

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