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lost my med card

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by 420greendream, Aug 7, 2012.


    420greendream Active Member

    how long does it take to get a new one? do you have to pay for it? who do i call to get a new one?

    Medical420MI Active Member

    I believe it's $10. Check the website I think you have to send in a form and a check.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    From their site:

    Question: What if my registry ID card was lost or stolen?
    Answer: You would submit a signed statement attesting to the fact that your registry ID card has been lost or stolen (whichever applies) requesting a replacement card. Include your full name clearly written, copy of your identification, and $10.00 check or money order made payable to "State of Michigan-MMMP." Mail the statement and fee to:​
    Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
    Medical Marihuana Registry
    PO Box 30083
    Lansing, MI 48909​

    leadcore Active Member

    welcome to the club!


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