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loophole (weed country)?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by NatesBaked, Mar 7, 2013.


    NatesBaked Member

    Alright so I stay somewhere where cultivation of marijuana is uhh frowned upon, and yesterday while I was watching Weed Country, the dude said the law says cultivation of "cannabis sativa l." Is illegal. My state law says the same thing, so technically, growing indicas and ruderalis isn't illegal! I was wondering which plants I would be best off growing. I figured afghan kush, northern lights, and maybe a few purple or blue strains, along with any of those in the autoflower variety, but what are some pure indica and pure indica autoflower strains I can order from attitude or herbies? I figure as long as it's an indica phenotype I would have a fighting chance. But pure indicas would be my best bet. Just a highdea, purple wreck makes me think.

    growone Well-Known Member

    not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt
    you get pinched with those plants, they're going to call them c. sativa, and the judge will accept that
    if you want to go to full trial, i think you could try to introduce it, but the odds are probably not in you favor
    i'm sure it's been tried in many court cases, otherwise we'd all be growing indica's with impunity

    Rambo3000 Active Member


    Trousers Well-Known Member

    indica, sativa and ruderalis are all cannabis sativa as that is the species name

    but yeah, since "the dude said the law says" that I'm sure you will be totally fine.


    NatesBaked Member

    Ahhh okay, well fuck it. It was worth a try, would a been pretty cool!!! Well guess ima start looking at all of them again. I mean you would think the law would uphold their side. Keep smoking then!

    Mr.Marijuana420 Well-Known Member

    dnt go thinking that the cops wont arrest you take your shit, and tag n bag your ass, because your not growing sativas, and if you go to court and say that, I doubt it'll be much of a defense, saying"I wasnt growing sativas". Im willing to bet many law officials are unaware of any difference, between plants. marijuana is marijuana to them, doesnt matter if its commercially grown hemp, used for anything but smoking, or your pure indy's. they will take them and they will charge you. and if you think saying, they werent sativas will change the outcome of your case, then u need to do a little more reading on your states laws

    diggindirt Well-Known Member

    The guy he said it to is what's wrong with the MJ movement IMO. It's no wonder that guy got busted as he's only about money and greed. Rediculous what you see these dispensaries charging for "medicine"... I agree with B.E. that it should be grower to patient. Or at least moreso than it is. If it's completely legalized, that's another thing entirely, then go ahead and set up shop.

    Anyways, that's basically a last ditch defense when you have nothing else to go on. If you want to lead off with that, you may as well just say you thought you were growing tomatoes.

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