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Looking to start my own personal grow

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lifted.n.gifted, Feb 14, 2013.


    lifted.n.gifted Member

    I've been living in Colorado for over a year now and want to start growing some personal for myself. Basically I'm just coming here to get some info to get me started.

    I have an extra room so I have plenty of space. I'm looking to grow 6 plants. So about how much would it cost to get completely started? Since I'm only growing 6 plants would it be better just to use a little grow tent? I'm looking to have a veg and flower room, so would a grow tent be too small for that?

    pacificarage Active Member


    Adjorr Well-Known Member

    well the main thing you need to do before you buy anything is a ton of research. read the stickies, become framiliar with all the terminology, watch the instructional videos, etc etc
    Be prepared to invest anywhere from 200$ - 1000$ or more into your setup at least, if your wanting 6 plants then the kit pacificarage linked looks like it would be decent for you, however if heat or noisy fans would be an issue for you then it would be smart to go with flurosent or LED lighting.
    The most important thing though is research! i personally browsed this forum for 2 months before i asked a question, spent about 3 months learning everything i could about growing, what problems i might have, the pros and cons of various lighting styles and grow techniques. i spent a lot of time shopping around and saving up money before i bit the bullet and started buying things.
    If you want to grow cannabis be prepared to invest your time and money into it or your better off buying it.
    the people here are very friendly and knowledgeable, however your how do i get started question is posted by at least 3 differnt people a day :) there is a search function and many stickies you should look at to answer the basic questions
    hope this helps

    lifted.n.gifted Member

    Good advice, thanks!

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