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Looking to get some HIGH QUALITY medical clones!! Will trade or compensate!

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by gigabyteC2D, Nov 26, 2010.


    gigabyteC2D Active Member

    Hello RIU Oregon!

    I am an OMMP grower in Portland, OR and I need to procure some high quality medical clones. I am growing indoor in an aeroponics system, so plants that don't stretch a ton would be best though potency and flavor are key.

    My patients seem to enjoy the fruity and colorful strains, and we normally aim to have plants of at least 3 different varieties. They medicate for nausea control, muscle spasms, and chronic pain relief. I have experience in aeroponics and somewhat difficult to grow strains such as Da Purps and Maui Wowi, and the most important factor is the quality of the finished product therefore strains with smaller yields but high potency and great flavor are preferred over high yields. I haven't documented any of the recent harvests but I am planning a grow journal for any new strains.

    While I do not have any clones available right now, I can certainly compensate a fellow OMMP grower for a few clones and I can trade back later down the line. Also if you have a finished product for me to view of the clone(s) that would be awesome!

    Please let me know if you can help!



    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    sorry i cant help, and not much help is givin around riu. but budbook.org is a great free place about weed, it is based in oregon and theri is always clones for tradem smoke for trade equipment for sale.

    oreganja Active Member

    you could call brothers at 5032133361 ask for robert he can help you so long as you are current ommp also ogf has socials and stuff like that hope this helps

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I just poppped some white rhino's. Still have to sex and veg them so maybe in several weeks.. drop me a PM with your contact info.

    jeffbelize New Member

    MCPURPLE...When are you ever any help?..Watch out on Budbook lots of people getting robbed off that site..Stay away from OGF that place is well know for people that rob you..brothers is cool...just be very carefull with people you meet on line in the OMMP most are out to take you for some thing free or flat out rob you!

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    you should really just stop your complaining.

    jeffbelize New Member

    you should really just get a real life off the internet...you talk talk and talk and never say a dam thing...lol...what a fucking loser!

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    and still complaining

    jeffbelize New Member

    C2D I got some clones for you..pm me

    ColoradoLove Well-Known Member

    Fdd is gonna ban you if he catches wind of this. Giving away plants or trading or anything like that violates the user agreement I believe

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    i do not see why any one would except clones from you. YOU most likely charge for them cuz getting stuff for FREE is scamming and being a bum in your eyes.
    i thought you were not coming back to RIU, so now your here to badmouth Budbook,OGF, and now trying to sell clones.
    this guy is a scammer dont except any thing from jeff.

    jeffbelize New Member

    mc i say you are a scammer and low life begger always wanting every thing for free...you are the one that told every one you went to over 30 growers and got samples from every one befor you picked one then that person ripped you off?..You sound like such a loser and you just cant see it?How is all that low life scamming working for?..You say you have no friends, no girls will even look at you,you think any one that work for a living and makes a living with meds is a low life drug dealer...You are on the wrong site thinking like that..You think like that because you are the one that is a scammer and low life thief..every one sees it but you!The days of you internet scammers in the OMMP world is over..your voice is gone,not that you ever had any thing to say any one wanted to hear!...Go scam,beg and threaten to turn people into the police some other place no one likes you or cares what you have to say!..Just go back under your rock and give this site back to people that do things in life!

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    yes i got small samples from most the growers to ensure i was getting qaulity meds, cuz most growers supply with shit meds. and NO i did not get ripped off at all. and i have a hot girl friend who i have been with for 3 years now. and i never called anyone a low life drug dealer at all now did I. ive broke laws before and im sure you have to. and sorry i do not scam people, some of the growers even offered the samples.
    it sounds like you got scammed and are now extremely but hurt about it.
    im always gonna be on RIU i like it you should be the one to leave and if not then i do not care. you just hate on me for no reason and i have asked you know about 10 times why you hate me and no response

    gigabyteC2D Active Member

    While I think both of you might be of some help, it is hard to weed (lol) through the bickering like a married couple. Please do this through PM at least and do not dominate a random thread with hate posts!

    Thanks for the info, it's a start. What I really would like is to somehow see the mother plants though I know that sounds kinda sketch (OH hey I want this random guy from the INTERNET to see my grow!!) but perhaps pictures will have to do.

    I am after top notch stuff here, since recently I grew Da Purps from a clone of a fellow grower and it turned out GREAT in Aero - here are some pictures. Just because I grew in Aero this strain could reach it's full potential... I just saw the soil (indoor) from said grower and mine blew his out of the water in all aspects! There is nothing more important to me than starting with the right genetics!!

    Any more info for some RELIABLE clones would be great!

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    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    You should be careful how you word your title, this is against the rules still. I think there is some exceptions as it is "legal"ish but if you really want clones you may want to be a little more sly about it. Anyhow why do you need to see the mother? the clone will tell the story, and if your not happy with it or you see bugs (always take a loop) just don't buy it. Seeing some finished product seems more legit, although just as easy to lie. Good luck, and be careful.

    ps you are right about the bitch fight, wrong place.

    GreenerMan2112 Member

    I live in the Portland area and I have 3 species currently forming roots and will be available in roughly 10 days..they are Star Trek, Madicine Woman, and Kona Kola (Hawiian species). If you are interested, please contact me at my web address..
    Peace! GreenerMan2112
    XS Brain

    XS Brain Active Member

    PM me I have a lot of friends growing legally besides myself and we always have clones around. Taking some today off of my blueberry plants. Feel free to PM and I will give you my phone number.

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