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Looking for some info on easy ways to make hash/wax/oil/concentrate from trim.

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by kmksrh21, Dec 23, 2011.


    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    Been searching all over, seen plenty of ways to do it, but looking for something easy to my particular situation.

    I simply have 21 grams of trim and 7 grams of bud. I want to turn it into a couple grams of hash the easiest way possible. i.e. no washer, bubble bags, etc.

    I'm new to this kind of stuff so any help is appreciated. Lookin' for your experiences and links or just any good info. Thanks.bongsmilie

    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    Do some research man, nobody is going to retype a tutorial just for you. All the information is out there waiting for you. Now if you have some specific questions then by all means go right ahead and ask. But you have three options, dry ice hash, qwiso, or bho. Look all three up and then come up with some questions lol.

    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    Yea I know about those, lookin' for an easy method on a small scale that maybe isn't widely known...

    If you have some links that'd be awesome...

    Like I said I've searched and searched, but need something perfect for my exact situation.

    SO anyone with links on making small amounts of hash, please be my guest. Thanks for stopping by.

    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member


    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    That's all there is though. The smallest method possible would be to buy a 120 micron mesh screen, freeze your buds crumble them on the screen and make kief. The only ways to make hash are Bubble, Qwiso, Bho, Sift, dry ice, hexane, co2. Your best bet is iso, sift, or bho. You have enough to do any of those. They are all small scale...I do my QWISO/BHO runs at 14 grams each. You have double that.

    It would take longer to do that link then any of those three that I mentioned.

    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    Uber Newb

    Uber Newb Active Member

    1) Grind bud/trim (food processor, coffee bean grinder work well)
    2) Place goodness into a mason jar
    3) Fill mason jar with some acetone (you can get this from any hardware store)
    4) Cap and shake the shit out of the mason jar for about 30 to 60 seconds
    5) Grab a glass dish
    6) Uncap the mason jar, hold a coffee filter around the opening
    7) Flip upside down, over the glass dish
    8) Squeeze out any remaining liquid from your coffee filter
    9) Set in front of a fan for a few hours so the acetone evaporates.
    10) Use a razor and enjoy the hashish


    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    I've heard about using acetone too...

    I might havta give it a shot and compare to QWISO...

    This could be fun. I haven't had hash in ages and I'm only a few steps away.
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    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    Honestly, It's a good tutorial. But very old, and low quality qwiso. I've been over at GC for a few years now. And I use my version of OSG's QWISO: http://forum.grasscity.com/harvesti...ness-isomerized-frozen-hash-oil-crystals.html. I would suggest a 15-20 second rinse MAX, and don't shake. Any longer and you start extracting chlorophyll and polar compounds which you don't want. Freezing your buds and iso for a day is KEY to high quality qwiso. Make sure they are dry, you don't want semi moist buds or your product will be very sticky and annoying.

    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    Awesome thanks! Yea, the trim is like 4 months old, plenty dry. Throwin' in the freezer now!

    coopnutts Member

    pvc if you wanna go cheap, you can use a plastic 16oz soda bottle but if you want maximum return you need to go with high pressure tubing and good butane.

    oakley1984 Well-Known Member


    joshua95602 Member

    USO G'dAwG

    USO G'dAwG New Member

    HoW mUcH acEtOnE dO u UzE..???

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