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Looking for some advice to help light my grow tent

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Yodaweed, Feb 2, 2014.


    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    So I currently have two grow tents, one is a 3x1.7.x5 foot tent the other is 6.5x6.5.6x5 foot and it's much to large for my current lighting. Right now I have two 240w panel LEDs and one 426w square LED. With these lights I can only light one corner of my tent. What could I use to light the whole tent? I would like different options and pricing of all of them.

    TheyCallMe2K Active Member

    Might be able to do a single 1000 watt HID. Or maybe 2x400 if your worried about power costs or 2x600 if you are worried about light coverage and want to spend more money on hoods, bulbs and ballasts lol. You can find deals online for a xxl hood with a good 1000 bulb and 1000watt switchable MH/HPS ballast for like 250$. You'll need ventilation too if you don't already, probably more though.

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    900+ watts and you can only light up one corner? 1 x 1000w hps will do the whole tent.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Yeah I could spread the lights out more but then I wouldn't get such good penetration on my plants

    IGROWLED Member

    Have you considered centering the lights you already have and adding some cheap UFO lights to fortify? Im assuming budget is a concern, If not there are a lot of options. If budget is a concern you could try throwing a few of these UFO's around the perimeter to bolster what you already have. They are 90 Actual watts each and use a single large cooling fan so they should be quiet. http://www.evolutiongrowled.com/shop-evolution.html#!/~/product/category=0&id=30692070 Ive heard some of the cheap UFO's with 3 fans and they sound like damn vacuum cleaners.

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