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looking for people who grow with 2 liter bottles

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mixin, Oct 19, 2008.


    mixin Well-Known Member

    i want to try out a SoG using 2 liter soda bottles. i think i can stuff more of them in a smaller area with good results. can anyone point me towards a successful grow with 2 liter bottles?

    grobofotwanky Well-Known Member

    I have a good grow buddy that just tested this one out. He grew the plants to 4 or 5 nodes and finished flowering, all in 2 liter soda bottles. Worked for him nicely. Best of luck

    leetheboxer Active Member

    hi....you need to make sure they are blacked out so no light can penatrate soil or roots will not grow....and put drain holes in....my friend uses this method in his grows to good affect..he only does small plants but lots of them

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Just make sure that you paint the bottles black or dark blue and that you mix extra perlite into your soil.
    Also of note is making holes in the lower side bottoms of the bottles as well as the actual bottom to encourage better drainage.

    All though i dont have any links i do know of people that do this as like you said the height of the bottles yet their thinness allows you to pack slightly more plants in than regular pots.
    This is a successful way to grow in the manner that you speak of,best of luckbongsmilie

    mixin Well-Known Member

    i have a 32"x32" tent so i want to pack it full of cloned paradise whiteberry plants. i definately plant on using pro-mix with good drainage in the soil and the 2 liters

    i wonder how many 2 liters i can successfully grow in a 32"x32" area?

    theratfords Well-Known Member

    Boy do I have the thread for you! Check me out at http://www.rollitup.org/indoor-growing/19368-single-cola-plants-13.html

    I started 50 bagseeds in 2-liter bottles. Doing 12/12 from seed to produce a single cola only effect. Using all LST methods. LOTS of pics and information. Updated daily. I ended up with exactly 50 % female ration for total 25. Farthest along is 3 weeks in flower. Tallest is 21 inches so far. All in 2 liter bottles. I even transplanted a few to see if 2 liter bottles decrease yeilds to much in short period grows.

    Please all stop in and check it out, Join the discussion. All advice and opinions appriciated.

    Thanks, Hope I helped ya!
    -The Dude

    theratfords Well-Known Member

    I actually suggest 3 liter soda bottles if you can find a store that still sells them.

    natrone23 Well-Known Member

    I don't use bottles but my pots are about the same size I flower my clones at about 7 inches and got 1.5 ounces per plant, I'm about to do a 40 plant sog under 1000w in a 5x5 space ......do the math:eyesmoke:

    mixin Well-Known Member

    sweet! good info theratfords

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I'd go even smaller than 2 litre in a 32"x32" space but 2 litre would work.

    There are lots of folks growing in clear containers these days, enough to disprove the myth that you have to paint them. For example DrBudgreenjenes on ICmag. If you want to see what can be done in soda bottles his threads are sort of the holy grail of that style grow.
    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Compact SOG with CFL's

    khackylacky Active Member

    I'm using 2 liters...there awesome....cool thing about them is if u leave the label on u don't have to paint them black and quarter size sandwiich bags from the dollar store work great as saucers to catch water!

    pockitsPM Well-Known Member

    what if to drain it u cut off the top and flipped it upside down into the bottom with no cap

    WEEDS Well-Known Member

    I'de head over to icmag they have lots of micro sog grows based on Dr greens grow methods.

    Afghankushgrower Active Member

    Bring this thread back from the dead. Found it helpful, didn't know if I should cover the sides for roots not to see any light.

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    I've grown two plants using 2litre bottles. My results were not spectacular and I found them to be rather spindly even though the plant next to it at the time which was the same height, had a real thick stem and branching(same strain by the way but from seed). I transplanted them into 5litre pots to try and help them gain a bit of weight but it hasn't done much, maybe increase the over all yield a bit because of root space but it's a bit meh lol.

    Maybe there is a special technique or something to get it to work properly, or maybe it was just my inexperience as a grower, who knows. :)

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member


    this guy was runnin a perpetual in beer cans - under cfls and home made reflectors

    anything will work

    Mr.Juana Member

    This this is genius. It sorta be like bottom watering but instead of having to hold it down you can just fill it up with water.

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