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Looking for advice/ input with perfecting BHO/ honey oil/ wax

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by TK Smoke, Feb 5, 2013.

    TK Smoke

    TK Smoke Member

    Alrighty fellas, as the title says, I need a little advice with making some BHO. I attempted to make some the other day and succeeded but didnt yield as much product as I expected/ desired. I used roughly 18 grams of ground up bud along with 6 grams of ground stems. All loosly placed into a 3/4 inch, 1 foot long pvc pipe. I also made sure to use 5x refined butane. I expected at least 2-3 grams of BHO but ended with 1.10 grams even after running a can and a half of butane through it (5.8 oz cans). It still hits and smokes great... Im just looking for advice/ constructive criticism... Any help/ advice will be well appreciated!!!

    Happy Smoking and Thank You for your time

    cannabiscultivation Active Member

    pack it and do it slow
    TK Smoke

    TK Smoke Member

    so simply just packing the ground bud and I will get more yield?

    BUDies Active Member

    how did you purge it? dont use stems they take up a lot of space and have almost no thc content, dont grind it up just break it up and pack it decently tightly but not too tightly, also get a glass extraction tube or a stainless steel turkey baster cause pvc sucks, make sure ur using 2 unbleached coffee filter, i wouldnt use a 5x go with 7x for sure go get urself some vector, yield is gonna be very dependant on product, certain strains even though they are very dank will yield less than other strain that have less thc content, its just the way it is, you want your product to be cured out nicely for at least a few weeks to preserve the smell, but keep it a little more moist than youd like to smoke it at the time of extraction, and remember ALWAYS blast outdoors and wait for all liquid butane to be gone to take it inside, the purge is also vital in your final product, no matter what you put in if you try and steam purge a large amount of BHO on high for a short period of time, or on low for a long period of time, it will still not be able to get all the impurities it can out and it will turn to a crystaline and bond with residuals in butane, without a vac i would recommend winterizing your bho with everclear. Good luck.
    TK Smoke

    TK Smoke Member

    alrighty im liking the input. for my final product I whipped the bho over a pot of boiling water (of course not on the stove but outside ha). and the herb im using... not my choice but the only thing available in high quantities in my area are pound bricks since im somewhat near mexico. very cheap and easily accessible... but breaking it up takes forever since its compressed. I was thinking of fluffing the bud instead of grinding it and then trying to run an oz through for some bho... I need more info on how to do it honestly. iv got all the equipment and items needed for making the bho... just needing someone to point me in the right direction. thank you for your input fellas

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    I would suggest losing the PVC tube, as it bleeds plastisizers into the butane.

    You might consider stuffing a wadded up coffee filter in your injection end, to diffuse the butane before it hits the plant material, to prevent channeling.

    We typically yield just over 20% from prime bud. You might examine the spent material and look for intact trichome heads, to see if you got what was available. Don't worry about the shafts and hairs, they are always left behind.

    biglungs Active Member

    once again USE BETTER STARTING MATERIAL WTF r u using stems for seriously thought only old hippies believe stems were suitable for exract
    u cant make chicken shit into chicken salad the constant post of how do i increase yield or how do i get better quality
    if u use a bunch of shitty paisa dirt weed u will have some low grade erl if u use high grade trimmings or flowers u will have the nice stuff that is the main issue i think we have here i think some ppls definition of quality is WAY off from what is actually needed for high grade extracts. please dont take this personal it is just my observation. i have numerous friends that i have rejected thr free bags of trimming bcuz they mixed all the shit in with the close trim and it is basically a big bag of compost

    for fucks sake ppl search before posting

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    welcome to the club! this sounds just like my first time... keep practicing, keep searching for answers, you'll get to where you want to be in enough time, just be safe! BUDies hit some key points. i may say this though, i get great results with 5x refined butane, and also.. i like to use more than 2 layers of coffee filters.. i use 8+ (2 filters folded enough times to give me 8 layers)

    other than that. good trim makes good oil, if you wouldnt roll it in your j, try not to put it in your tube.. i also think boiling water hot bath is a bit too much... butane evaps at a muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lower temp.. id start off with lower temps, while working my way up, not opposite..

    DonPepe Active Member

    its a balance between quality and quantity, just like with most hash production.

    if you grind your herb and pack it tighter you will get better yields, the finer you grind it and tighter you pack it the more you will yield.

    how fine you grind it is the biggest factor in material to product ratio i have found, well other then initial material quality, but the finer you grind it the lower the quality, darker hashier tasting oil.

    use a coffee grinder to make weed powder for maximum yields, a herb grinder for mid, and just chop it up a bit with some scissors if you just want quality.

    just my 2 cents.....

    PS: I only rinse trim, i smoke my bud.
    TK Smoke

    TK Smoke Member

    thank you for the input. all input helps and im not easily offended, just trying to learn more. iv done well over 50 hours of reading on this site just never bothered to post because I didnt need help with anything nor did I have any input that others didnt already pout.

    honestly, I dont believe its the product that im using because believe it or not, im pretty much set after smoking a bowl of it. its not completely shit weed by the way. and I use stems as well because well in my mind... why waste it? but iv heard from multiple "why are you using stems?" so of course that will stop so i can recieve more yield. the bho that I made WAS a nice golden color... definately did the job with the dabs!

    so it looks like im needing a new extraction tube... better material (wich cant happen)... maybe better butane (7x instead of 5x)... possibly running more butane through the extraction process...
    biglungs... the stems do yield thc. I smoke for my pain as I was t-boned by a truck while riding my crotch rocket and can no longer walk. so when it gets down to it and you have nothing else to smoke, those stems looked pretty gross but still worked when smoked. (in case of emergency haha!!!)

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    if you are gonna be working with less than a couple oz of input material on your pulls, the Bed Bath and Beyond turkey baster for less than 10 bucks will be the most efficient piece of your puzzle.. you can pack that little tube pretty tight, spray for about 30 secs, and bam, nice golden gooey oil.. its a very small tube, but it works very very well for very small scales. the inner diameter of the tube needs to be small in these extractions...

    i think the I.D. of the turkey baster is like .5 inches wide.. this is gooooooood. The I.D. of my tube is 1.25 inchess. and its glass,

    if you plan on buying a tube any size bigger than the turkey baster, id recommend a glass, or borosilicate... the glass is clean, and along with that, as you pack your tube with trim, you can see yourself evenly packing it, knowing your doing right :]

    i started off with a home made/ plumber made brass bho tube i saw laying around the house..
    i then upgraded to the turkey baster
    i then upgraded to a large pvc type of deal ( i prefer the baster, but this tube could just hole 10x as much )
    then i got my first glass tube 16 inches long, I.D. of 1.5 inches
    then i got my latest tube 56inches long I.D. of 1.25 inches

    if i was a single person, growing my own little stash, or a friend gave me a zip or two of there what ever. I would go with the turkey baster idea.. i still use it from time to time when i got a low amount of really nice trim or buds that wants to become bho....

    my little minor detail i feel really is worth it... Dont be shy on the coffee filters.. you can fuck up if you use a a bit too few, but if you use a few too much, you just have cleaner bho, just cut away as much excess filter as possible..

    AND, with this process, the stems arnt giving us much of what we want.. compared to how much space they take up in a tube, the space a stem takes up over the nice little sugar leaves is vital.. i hate stems in my trim, i always take the time to de stem my input product... if i dont, i feel i end up wasting $ and time.. the time, because stems are bad filler components, they take up space, meaning you have more tubes to pack.. and if you have mkore tubes to pack, that means more butane, which means more $

    if you are really curious to see how much you are wasting with your stems. try getting a stem collection going ( some of the ones you havent smoked yet :p ) then blast that only... i feel your findings will teach you about how much stems are really worth in THIS process... ( not saying stems are completely useless, just for bho, especially when looking for a delicious tasting dab)

    i like pictures! since your gonna be posting and talking about this, mind showing? you only do dabs with your oil, you have some awesome new way of smoking oil? i like it on bowls, along with this, oil is extremely simple to turn into edibles...
    TK Smoke

    TK Smoke Member

    that turkey baster idea has been brought up to me multiple times. looks like its time to go get one then ehh? haha and I guess I should post some pics. I just got done trying another run of BHO and it looks like this batch is going to yield a little bit more... its a nice golden yellow ;) (ill be taking pictures of this batch for ya) the weed is so cheep here that I dont mind going and making an oz into some BHO... I mean... im able to get an oz for $25 and its still great to smoke!!! (as long as you dont mind condenced buds, and that fact is easy to get over for the price especially when you grind it) LOL! for example, I loaded a bowl before writing and 4 hits into it im already feeling a headchange. as for the stems, ill just stash them away or just simply toss em because you did make a good point. why use the stems if its just going to cost more $ by using more butane haha and plus I would love for it to taste better, thank you for that tip.

    as for my consumption of my oil, I ONLY smoke. hence the "TK Smoke" ;) I like dabs and I also put it over the tops of my bowls... quite often actually.

    edibles DO NOT work on me one bit... it did for the first time trying it and that brownie was great! but anytime after that... it was just a waste of the edible... yes it still tasted good but you may as well have given me a regular brownie cuz it didnt do anything ha. yes your probably saying or thinking "well then you just havnt had a good edible or not enough thc in the edible"... well, having my "green card" allowed me to try higher potiency edibles and as a first time patient to a dispensary, you usually got a free edible. I declined the offer and the owner looked at me and asked why, I gave him the same reasoning... "they dont work". so he hands me a quad dose, extra strength cookie (price tag said $20 and I got it for free ha) and said try this... I ate it and hung out for a while and still did absolutely nothing. walked out with my dry herb, went home and waited 3 hours before I smoked but still nothing. then as soon as I smoked, I felt it... its wierd but I dont mind.

    and now baked :bigjoint: Thank you for the input and taking the time to read

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    precisely :]

    i used to love making edibles before bho...

    been through many methods..

    but my favorite!

    1 package of cookies from store, (needing 1 stick of butter and 1 egg, and 2 tsp of water to complete)

    the buttter is sooo simple.. as low as you can, melt down butter in pot (i do it at 160F ) after melted, whisk in your hash for about 5 min, your done... let it cool down to 80F , make cookies

    my previous batch had about 12 grams of hash oil per stick of butter

    this current one used around 15 grams o oil..

    the reason i tell you so..

    MY BOSS, been swearing he cant get high with edibles, i gave him a couple cookies of the first batch, he says he didnt feel anything, (yet everyone else got high off there asses)

    so the 2nd batch, he tries 3 of these cookies, smacked him silly.. :]

    CLUBS and the doses. PSHHHHTTTT! ya, with there edibles, i would feel like i wouldnt get high either :p

    every single time i tried a double dose or 4 single doses or what not.. it was a waste, a delicious fucking treat, but expensive and didnt get me high, the buds did....

    1 of my smaller cookies will:

    -be 3-5 doses for someone who is a lightweight. (the people who maybe smoke a few times a month)
    -1 to 2 doses for someone who maybe smokes a few times a week

    2-3 of my cookies will be for the really strong hearted.. :]

    i know you aint eating these, but i say this shit for one very good reason... I myself have accumulated LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of extra oil over my test runs.. some of it just dont hit the best taste factor.. if you guys out there are finding yourself with too much oil, DO THIS, its really great... and on a medicinal level.. i bet this rocks...

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    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    edibles dont work on me :cry: i think its because of the high metabolism

    To the op there is nothing wrong with using stems... i am assuming they are stems from inside the nugs not the
    stock from the tree...
    But ditch the pvc get you a glass extractor unbleached coffee filters, oh and like a couple hundred for a vacuum pump
    and chamber. If any one says they can make good wax with out it tell them to show you a pic then go look at my pics.
    Go look at my thread "wax no whipping" or some shit like that and u will see some of my gear and one of the guys on
    there posted his 58 inch extraction tube that bitch is epic lol

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    you guys just havent had the right dosage :p ... ive gotten all the " i cant get high off edibles" people I have crossed, very very high.. so far 2 .. heheheee

    some people just dont like edibles though, its not a big issue. ive just recently become a big fan of them.. once they hit, its like im in dab heaven, and it only gets stronger and stronger, till i pass out :] its like a 3-7 hour high depending on how many i eat, i cant do these too often though, got work to do :p

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    i really cant get baked off edibles i put 4 grams of wax in a batch i had people freaking out, didnt even phase me.

    FlightSchool Active Member


    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    yup! thats the exact one....

    cheap, needs NO modifications, and it comes with a little cleaner heheheeee..

    really excellent for blasting for personal use..

    4 grams of wax in a batch? that aint nothingggggg. you need to at least double it, thats like only 1 oz of trim... for your whole batch of edibles..

    shoot for the stars! throw in 15 grams, see if ya feel that

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    i have never gotten 4 grams off an ounce of trim like i showed in that one pic that was like almost 3 pounds of trim i got 50 grams
    i pulled 6 grams off an ounce of flower i have done that consistently

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    3lbs 50 grams

    17 ish grams an lb..

    ok, i seeeee. ive worked with some people that have given me good enough trim to give me 2 oz return out a lb.. superrrr chronic trim, green crack...

    most the time im in the upper 2-3 grams per oz of trim.. i figured you were using primo sugar leaf on the 4 g per oz scenario..

    out of my own personal first grow, i put in everything, bugs trim, about an oz, got 6.5 grams out of it :] i was stoked! the oil was wayyyy better than the bud.... i harvested at 1 least 1 week too early along with it.. so my oil was nice and light colored.. i loved that little run..

    my current run with the new huge tube seems like i should be getting a wax soon here. i believe i put in a lb.. ive been purging for over 24 hrs now.. the blasting took 3 big tubes, approx 4.5 oz packed in each tube, 3 cann of tane a tube. and one smaller tube (2.5 oz) 2 cans of tane... used only 11 cans of tan total.. as i was spraying, my yellow liquid still dripped out of my tube.. i could have put a 4th can in the tubes.. but didnt, i will rerun this material eventually..

    i weighed the outcome recently, 42 grams.. 42 grams out of a lb.. not too shabby,,this material isnt top notch, but its decent... it actually seemed old, and had a lot of stems.. .

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