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Looking for a way to Clean My Water

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Nol, Jan 25, 2013.


    Nol Member

    Looking to build / buy ~ A water Cleaning Station ~ I live on a Farm w/ well Water ~ it Has Some Calc Build up W/ other Crap in it ~ Was woundering if any one has any exp in building / buying anything to help clean my water

    I was thinkling of some big bins w/ charcoal/sand layers
    Dont know if any ones got any good ideas! please postem up!

    Bakatare666 Well-Known Member

    Have you looked into specs on what a faucet filter will remove?

    Nol Member

    Yes did a little reading after i posted this up ~ I guess a rev. Osmos Is the best system you can get ~
    any one have any thing they built that works good?
    POH Organics

    POH Organics Member

    Have to buy an RO, I'm in the same boat man

    Nol Member

    dose it strip the ater of all minrals ect ect? PURE Water?

    Aslo any one Take Snow and melt it? or use rain collectors
    is it a clean water source? also have a giant pond i might use to irrigate summer crop ` any suggestions on cleaning that or purifying?

    cobra28widow New Member

    Maybe you could buy water from the store.. But I only recommend that for soil.. hydro would be nightmare to keep up with if you had to buy water jugs from store lol

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    If growing soil, consider this. Most guys would say natural, clean rainwater would be best for the plants. Rain water is almost pure water. Just a few ions. We're assuming no significant pollution for a moment.

    RO water is almost pure. Likely slightly less pure than rain. RO has a few ions.

    Nol Member

    Thanks Thats what i have been using ~ I have 500 gallon tank i collect run off
    Thanks for the info

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