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Looking 4 Cuttings 4 A Friend

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by WOBBLESAUCE, Oct 8, 2014.


    Sandstarr23 Well-Known Member

    [email protected]
    I am interested in a cutting or 2...lol. RIMMP, I am ALWAYS lookin for better "Moms"
    Right now I have:
    Jabba's Stash
    Blue OG
    Blackberry OG
    Exodus Cheese
    Casey Jones
    Critical Hog
    Critical SSH
    Island Sweet Skunk
    Intensive Skunk

    medimaryj Member

    Yes, I am a licenced ri mmp. I'm interested in the dumpster and GG #4. Have heard great things about both these strains, neither are available in seed for to my knowledge...
    Do you have either available? Im on aquidneck island

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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Hey bud, nice line up. I'm in RI & just stumbled across this thread. It's cool to know there's RI heads here. Hit me up on a PM.

    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    I got the GG#4 & grew up on Aquidneck Island. I gotchu, just PM me. Prob. Know each other. Peace! Portsmouth High back n the day.

    StreetDweller Member

    I'm interested in GG#4, can't PM yet, tho, I haven't visited this site that often, not much activity in the RI section usually. I'm close to the Island, just over the Jamestown bridge.

    smackadack Active Member

    From Portsmouth High myself with 22 strains all medical in Rhode Island. Actually brought the gg4 to Portsmouth a couple months ago curious if same cut. PM if anyone needs help.

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