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Lookiing for a short, low odour Auto strain

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by stashedaway, Jun 23, 2012.


    stashedaway Member

    I've been looking into setting up a stealth grow box so have been looking at the new Auto s that are out now.
    I grew lowryder #2 a few years ago and liked it.

    But now I’m looking for a short easy to grow strains with low odour.

    Any recommendation?

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Oder is from stress.

    "happy plants" don't smell. Largely enviromental / grow technique.

    Kush2180 Active Member

    where did you read this? have you got any links that could potentially back it up?

    I have 4 cheese plants growing right now that would disagree

    puffnopassing Active Member

    there is a new seed bank on the tude called "auto seeds" or somethin liek that. anyways I was reading and I saw one strain, I forgot which one but it said it was the perfect and best stealth plant for small scale grows. lowest odor plant and small size. medium yield too. sounds interesting.

    Canon Well-Known Member


    Since I learned,, no smells for nearly a year now. My carbon filter is retired too.

    Trick -
    Proper relationship of heat & humidity
    Very light air flow throughout
    Don't over crowd the space

    *EDIT* Almost forgot, no negative preasure inside the room (quite important)

    Frankly, I didn't believe it at first,, but, it's true. Happy plants don't stink. ;-)

    Of course when you move them, trim, train, etc. they WILL smell for awhile (hrs),, but that's about it.

    Kush2180 Active Member

    I cant get on the link its password protected.

    I must say i find this very hard to beleive.

    I bet almost everyone on here has plants that smell. Surely everyone cant be stressing there plants can they?

    Are you telling me if you were to grow the Cheese that they wouldnt smell?

    SdY183 Active Member

    i have an auto assassin that got stressed so badly i'm about to harvest her at less than 4" tall and she doesn't smell at all. my full size AA is doing MUCH better and...doesn't smell at all.

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Frankly, yes they're being stressed in some way.

    .... and I've 2 Dinafem Cheese Autos in the perpetual now.

    Ran a perpetial Photoperiod grow for a year,, no smell when I was on the money. Strains used, Jack Herer, Blue Widow, Critical Plus, Chemdog, Pineapple express, Fruit, Super Silver Haze, Laughing Budda, Critical Blue, Passion's Blueberry, and other's I'm forgetting.

    Presently early running of a 2 in, 2 out, every 2 weeks (ish) Harvested roadrunners, growing Onyx, RRF, Cheese at this time.

    No oders on any of it once I got it figured out.

    Couple shots, (2)photoperiods, (3) autos, (1`) Collodial Silver F-> M (RRF) That ilved in there until the pollen sacks got close.

    PICT0001 (600 x 450).jpg PICT0007 (600 x 450).jpg IMG_0030 (600 x 450).jpg IMG_0032 (450 x 600).jpg IMG_0025 (450 x 600).jpg IMG_0036 (450 x 600).jpg

    Canon Well-Known Member

    While not all forms of stress means smell,,, all smell is created by less than optimum enviroment.
    Generally, nutes, blocks, ph, etc. doesn't seem to be a contributor to smell. (my findings anyways)

    Those I listed before are very much key contributors.

    Try it.
    Take 1 full week and leave the door, zipper, what have you open 24-7.
    Do not have a fan blowing directly on them enough to move main stems. Just a little finger flutter is good. Very gentle.
    The natural convection of simply being open could very possibly cure any heat to humidity issues, as well as allowing good air flow without gale force winds

    Simple test. Try it. What you got to loose? Maybe some filters and fans?

    Like I said, I wouldn't believe it either until things got so bad I could smell it outside and that was WITH filters. I was desperate... and it worked.

    I'm running low RH & Hi Temps.
    Second picture above you can see the blower (set near dead low w/ controler) over the light. No filter. It dumps into chimney.
    Below is the intake filter.
    Room is completely sealed with exception of the only vent (filter).
    5X7 converted coal bin running 2 400w, 1 80w CFL setup, 1 100w T5

    PICT0005 (450 x 600).jpg

    (EDIT) I figure the air in that room exchanges about every 20 minutes. Not much, just enough to guarrentte fresh oxygen / CO2.

    guerillastyle Well-Known Member

    Go for a lowryder variety, I suggest LR#1.

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