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Little yellow/white rice looking bugs???????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by LoganSmith, Jan 12, 2008.


    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    What are they?

    They are very small yellow/white bugs, they look like rice.

    Need to do something now.


    DJstanford Active Member

    are they smaller than rice? if so prolly spider mites, are they making webs? or are they flying around, also where on the plant are they located?

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    They are way smaller then rice, they are on the leaves and there is only a few so far. There is no webbing yet. I just saw them today and I killed about 10 or so with my finger nails, I looked in the flowering area which is right under the cloning/vegging area and didn't see any. I will have to look closer.

    I just got back from walmart and pick some stuff up. It says it will kill spider M. and the eggs.

    So I will update with pics and new info after I have done it.


    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    And no they don't look to be flying. They do run fast. sneaking litte fuckers

    HashPlant Well-Known Member

    sounds like it might be aphids from the colour, but this is a weird time of year for them, unless you are someplace warm, and they don't run very fast. Just get some lady bugs, again if you're someplace warm and they are in season. Lady bugs are will kill just about anything super fast. This past year I used 6 lady bugs from outside on a 6 foot house plant that was covered in at least 1000 aphids, they we're gone in 3 days. Pretty sweet.

    HashPlant Well-Known Member


    Those are them in the pic, not the big fly in the middle, but the little yellow ovals around it. They are destructive, you'll get little holes in they youngest foliage, they love the young stuff. If you have a few now, chances are there'll be hundreds in 3-7 days.

    kayasgarden Well-Known Member

    with pics it would be very easy to identify the problem sad to put something on the plant that wont work

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Hey guys and gals I have put up pics in the same type of thread in the plant problems can you take a look.

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Fuck it I will just put the pics up on this thread. :)

    I went to walmart and pick up some Garden safe fungicide 3 in 1 spray. I didn't want to take any chances of them fucking and making 10000000000000 of babbys. :fire::finger:

    Here are the pics.


    Attached Files:


    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Hey hashplant how did you take such a close up photo?

    I have a good slr camera but can't figure how to take really close up shots.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    a logan i used this fruit and veg spray on a fw plants last year and i got rid of my spidermites in about 3 applications,good stuff,and i was 3or4weeks into flower........right now i got some bugs that look similar but there only in the soil,got a clue?

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Man I don't know?????????

    This is the first time that I have seen anything. Some of the leaves have very small holes.

    I would like to know how I got these but I have a window near the set up so that is how they probl. can in.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    yep,im sure of it them sneaky lil buggers,soak them babies both sides of leaf,damn this brings back an ugly memory!those fuckers will take over fast and destroy even faster,GOOD LUCK!!!!!........

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Ok, I sprayed them all and after a few hours I saw a few more so I killed them and will spay again in the morning. I only found 2 more.

    And my girlfriend says they are aphids. I killed one and took a look under my 100x scope they are uglyyyyyyyy.

    object16 Active Member

    U said they run fast, only mites run fast, aphids barely move.

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Ok so I just pm fdd and he said it sounds like thrips. I went to google and imaiges and sure enough thats what they are. They look just like that.

    Thanks all and thanks to Fdd

    SensiSmoker134 Active Member

    they look better to me...
    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    i wonder if thats what i have in my soil right now, havent noticed them on the plant yet but today in the soil i saw like tiny tiny mites or something kinda white but smaller than the pic you have and they are round not long in shape. what can i do to get rid of these bugs? my girl is only 1 1/2 weeks old and she is doing so good right now these little fuckers need to die today, so what can i use that wont harm my baby?

    Mystik Active Member

    I actually have found a few of the same bugs myself, killed them by hand and never saw them again though.
    Not sure if they are spider mites are not, the few I found never started webbing

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