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little yellow flowers on the bud's

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Breakdancer003, Nov 2, 2008.


    Breakdancer003 Well-Known Member

    1) PICTURE OF PLANT ( will be comming soon )
    2) Growing indoor or outdoors ( grown indoors vegg for 60 days 2 females )
    3) Watering schedule ( feeding every 3rd watering water every 48 hours or so depending on the dampness of the soil ) ( its the last 2 weeks the tri's are milky white and i just recently started the flushing process and am only using molases mixed with water )
    4) Growing Medium ( soil ) ( under 2 400 watt hps for flowering , and they were under 2 400 watt MH and 1 t5 flourecent with 6 bulbs in a 4x4x7 mylared enclousure i way over did the light but this was a trial run i have my new name brand babies ready to go when these finish but thats for another thread
    5) What stage of growth ( final stages of flowering )

    the problem i am comming across currently is small yellow flowers forming on my almost completed budd's their only on one of my plants and only apear on 25 % of the budds on the lower inner 3rd of the plant where it gets the least amount of light. as far as the strain im not to sure i started with a grab bag of seeds I got out of various stuff i payed to much for at the time but was happy to find a seed. I know describing the problem isn't going to help with out a picture but im working on that currently. from what i have come across in the forums people seem to think these are male pods indicating a hermi but with no real conclusions and the pictures people had didnt look like what was going on with mine. So is this common for a plant to hermi this late into flowering right on the home stretch. If this is the case im gonna harvest them now and take a hit on the yeild im only growing for personal anyway. So basicly i just want to know did my plants decide to hermy on me on the homestretch or am i just getting strange growths

    grow1 Well-Known Member

    you really need to post a pic but sounds to me like they have hermied and what you are seeing pollen sacks.if the look like little flowers they have probably opened and released their pollen already, if not they would look like a cluster of sacks(like the club on a poker card)

    rolla8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that definitely sounds like a male hermie flower that has open up and released its pollen. Enjoy the seeds!

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    your plant has testicular cancer :mrgreen:

    nigsus Active Member

    yes i agree it sounds like it is a hermie getv it out will spoil your crop if it has not done so already
    Phily Kelly

    Phily Kelly Active Member

    Its a hermie and if its already released its pollen, your buds are gonna start producing seeds. I think if you harvest it now the THC glands won't be fully formed so it'll be a bit crap.
    Ah sure at least you'll have loads of seeds to start your next grow.:D

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member


    Before you listen to these "strangers" (tussel, and rolla aren't) who don't know what they are talking about let me fill you in. I had a very similar incident happen with my Hindu Kush last spring. It was in its last 3-4 weeks and I noticed several male flowers at the bottom section. I immediately pulled the male flowers off with tweezers to prevent pollen from flying everywhere. Gave the plant a thorough visual check-up, then headed to Barnes & Noble to read "Marijuana Horticulture" by Jorge Cervantes. (This book is currently rated #1 among serious and experienced growers)

    Cervantes has an entire section of a chapter donated to the topic of hermies (which your and my plant were/are not). A hermie plant will have both male and female flowers at every flower site. What you have is what is called an "intersexed" plant. This is fairly common, and is often confused by amateurs as a hermie.

    What to do????
    Until harvest time, give your plant a good check up every day to ensure no more are blooming, pick any male preflowers as well. If your case is anything like mine was then I can tell you, your cola will not be seeded. And potency will not be affected.

    I am actually happy this happened to me. The Kush seed I planted was the only one I had, after this happened I got 13 seeds from the plant, all on the lower 1/4. Now I have seeds to a plant that A) I know the growing time needed; B) I know its potency; C)I know I can grow it.

    Do not listen to the nay-sayers, this is a blessing. Trust me.

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    Breakdancer003 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the insite, i unfortunately pulled the trigger early on this one I didn't want any balls starting to form but i caught it real early because i inspect these things 5 times a day as it is ( yeah im obsessed but hey its giving them more C02 =) ). How ever, after inspecting the tri chromes under a light microscope after i trimmed them up they apear almost all milky white so I think this might have just been a faster flowering plant then the one next to it. I decided to pull the trigger early for that reason and also this will give my much sexyer looking female 400 more watts of light for its last 2 weeks of flowering with that molases water mmmm. I will post pictures later today of the one i killed and the flowers on it and the one still chugging along see what you guys think. also im not worried about seeds for this next grow I recieved an intersting box of colored pencils from amsterdam 2 weeks ago this seems to solve my problems

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    BLESS AMERICA-+reps to you my brother. I posted a couple down about hermies pollinating. good looks on interesed and not hermies!
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    Bamstone Well-Known Member

    Sound like fore sure hermie to me. If the flowers have opened they have released therit pollen. The upside is that hermie flowers often have little or no pollen to speak of - nothing like full male sacs. You may find some seeds...

    Either change strains or look for a light leak.

    thebeerstalkin Well-Known Member

    BlessAmerica is right on the money
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    Pablito113 Member

    I had this exact thing on buds that have 25% cloudy trikes, fat assed calyxes and the whole 9. So I just cut en and hung em. They smell fantastic....prolly will suffer a tiny quality set back......not sweating that!

    M1KU5 New Member

    I just had the same thing happen to my lemon lush / mighty mite / northern lights / swamp thing I was just curious as to what was going on it's not a big deal for me bc I pollinated the bottom half n 1 of the 4 colas with a turbo desil / celestial star n gran daddy purp / donkey dink I wonder what I should call it if the seeds turn out like I hope... Any thoughts??? image.jpg
    Jimmy Sparkle

    Jimmy Sparkle Well-Known Member

    Those male flowers are harmless at this point in the game, your plants are not intersexed they are just putting out some male flowers at the end of their life cycle because they know they are dying and its the plants last ditch effort to reproduce. You may {most likely} end up with seeds that will be female. It is a tell tale sign of being mature. Not a hermie or intersexed so enjoy it

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