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Little seeds in my weed?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by curto, Oct 19, 2011.


    curto Active Member

    These have to be seeds right?

    Either I got it pollinated or stressed it out too much.. Or it was a hermie seed correct?

    Can you get hermie seeds when you buy regular seeds? vlcsnap-2011-10-19-18h01m13s156.jpg

    I have taken 2 sample buds from opposite sides of the main cola, they both have these tiny seeds it seems... So I figure its the whole plant. I plan on giving it one more day of light then 3 days of darkness...... Hope the crystals don't disappear.

    Any advice/comments?

    next grow soap and water to clean the grow room then feminized seed.

    mr.bond Well-Known Member

    Hey curto,

    Looks like a seed to me. I have experienced that plant stress alone can cause seed development. Just pull out the seeds when you harvest, shouldn't be too big of a deal. Cheers and good luck!


    curto Active Member

    I imagine it could be stress
    That it has had a lot of... Next time I plan on learning from my mistakes :D

    -Burned cola's multiple times with the cfl's (light actually fell on the plant multiple times when it was young) - Tolerance build up for you
    -Had pretty bad light leak when I began... Fixed that for the most part now.
    -Was supplementing a little 20-20-20 during flowering because it contained micro-nutrients. I should get something else for flowering I think with micro nutrients
    (I'm thinking OverDrive or BudCandy gotta check them out for micro-nutes.)
    -Accidentally reduced time to 8 hours a day early in flowering for I think a day or 2

    -Grew it beside other plants I didn't think a male' pollen comes out for a week or 2 after it shows sex (so hoping that was not the cause)

    curto Active Member

    I just read these seeds would be really viable like 95% female rate of seeds.. the weed still looks like chronic... I guess I'll give it a few more days then chop it.

    From ask ed "If you have only a few plants and are willing to spend the time making daily inspections for male flowers, you can produce a sinsemilla crop. It's important to remove the male flowers before they open and release pollen."

    That's some good advice... Live and learn I guess.

    Didn't realize you have to watch out for male flowers forming as well.

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