Little help with last fert.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by skatan, Sep 21, 2012.


    skatan Member

    I think i have time to squeeze in one last fert. sesh before i start flushing my plant...
    good idea? or should i start flushing now?
    Yall seem to know a lot about this, here are some recent shots of her if they help.
    any suggestions? thanks!! :weed:

    almost.jpg macro.jpg dang.jpg

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    forget about it.........flush if you do that
    bomb hills

    bomb hills Active Member

    Hard to say by just looking at the photos and not knowing the strain or age of the plant. I have been in this predicament before and went with flushing, worked out well for me.

    skatan Member

    Yea i should have kept more track of that kinda info, i didn't even think i would make it this far. its about three months old.
    i need to harvest as soon as i can so i'm just waiting on them trichs to get milky.
    I'm worried about the rate of maturation though, its about 9 days into transplant now.
    bomb hills

    bomb hills Active Member

    Be on the safe side and quit feeding her. That's what I would do.

    indcolts77 Active Member

    Stop with the nutes if you have more then 50% red hairs and 10% amber expert but this seems to be the general consensus everytime i ask or read other threads around the web

    skatan Member

    Thanks! that makes sense, i cant wait to taste my own bud!

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