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Liquid THC Tincture and Electronic Cig

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Viewpanel, May 12, 2011.


    Viewpanel Member

    Anyone know if its possible to make a concentrated liquid tincture of THC and drop that liquid into the atomizer of an electronic cig refill that you can flavor on your own?

    I have seen people take blank e-cig refills and hit them with liquid candy sugar to make atomic fireball e-cigs, and I was wondering if the same concept would apply and allow an odorless portable high.

    this is all theoretical of course, I just figured you guys might want to try it out...

    bobbypyn Well-Known Member

    what is the cosistency of the liquid in those cartidges? I'm sure it a no-go on straight concentrates like BHO but an alcohol based tincture may be too flammable.. i dunno about this one.

    Justin00 Active Member

    the main part of those solutions is glycerin. there are instructions to make your on cigs by buying the concentrated nicotine and pure glycerin and flavors to make your own so i assume if thc is soluble in glycerin then it would be possible.

    longbeachOG Member

    my local dispensary sells electronic vape pens that come with THC gold for smokin. So i guess its possible some way. It runs you about 200$ to buy it from themm so making it would be alot better.

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    thc does extract into glycerin, you can find a tutorial in the 'cooking with cannabis' section (i think it's one of akgrown's threads).
    london drugs carries pure glycerin USP ($5.99/250ml in canada).

    while i haven't actually done it, i have a friend whose glycerin extract is 'steeping' right now, if it works for him, my man and i are both getting e-gos.

    5ourdiesel Member

    wonder if it would be possible to vaporize hash oil and compress it into an inhaler like albuterol

    askmehow Member

    Yup very possible. Confirmed by the owner electronic Cig franchise. Your going to need a near pure extraction of THC though thats a process, all kinds of chemicals and filters i have a book on it.
    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    I have a friend that makes these for a lab. They use glycerin and C02 extracted oil. (which is liquidy enough) So mix with glycol and im sure it gets thinner. I will get the mix ratios for you tomorrow. They are buried somewhere in my paper work.
    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    If you are not in a medical state. Good luck getting C02 extracted oil. Its a pain in the wiener to make! Takes some serious extractors for that..
    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    Which I know am gonna start a post on making C02 extracted oil with out a lab. I have seen one guy in Australia do it so far. You also need to have welding skills. Lets see if we get some bites.
    Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly Active Member

    Is this the concentrate they refer to in some California Mediacal Dispenseries as Amber Glass? It kind of looks like dark amber shards of melted gooey glass. Also, a little off topic, I have recently heard people taking about making concentrates by extraction with o2, but I can't imagine how to do this. Possible?

    hoynk8 Member

    It's in most MMJ states it is Marijuana that is stripped of it's THC using natural CO2 giving you the cleanest and purest product so far that they have on the market (other than pure gold but there are debates and issues there basically they are tasteless because of how purified the product is no taste and it's all the same I like some variety) Most of these co2 extracting machines run around 40000 dollars and thats for the basic model

    Cannabidude Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure you guys understand how tincture works. You don't need any of that fancy crap to make a vape with glycerin. I make my own E cig juice and THC juice for my ecig and have for years now. its easy and extracting pure THC may get you a higher % but its a waste of time for someone who is looking to use regularly. Check this out, as i said this is my basic technique although you can get better THC% (by volume) by using a high grade hash or HO. Remember Glyc is an emulsifier you can dissolve both fats and water in it making very versatile. In fact many e cig manufacturer's use water or porpelyene glycol (or both) to cut the Veg Glyc to desired consistency or to combine oil/water based flavors.

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