Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids

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    Very interesting read. Thanks for posting.

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    Ty for posting good read.

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    So does pot help our hallucinations and delusions easing them or does to exacerbate them? "What is interesting in this study is that both processes are going on at the same time,". Very interesting, we'd have to know the exact amount of cbd, thc, cbn ratio that was given to test subjects in order to determine the better strain for the ailment. Like take street weed for instance, you get it you don't know where or how it was grown, you don't know what ratios of chemicals it consists of. But take a medical strain, where you know all of that, and I think the argument of whether pot helps you is going to be swayed in that direction.

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    not really a usefull article.. by any means

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    CBD has shown promising results for curing mental disorders.

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    thats is bullshit. if you had watched what if cannabis cures cancer? and medical cannabis and its impact on human health you would know that kids who have pre psychosis conditions find that smoking cannabis helps with their conditions. they self medicate and then the schools say its because of the cannabis.

    i have a medical condition called fybro. i've had it my whole life. i never knew it until i was an adult and was diagnosed with fybromyalgia. looking back as an adult i had it since i was little. i only had the stress and depression part of it. i stated smoking cannabis when i was 12. i didn't have the words of medical cannabis at the time. I just said it made me feel good or normal. thats why i always smoked cannabis. i can totaly see how some one with a mental disorder could go threw the same thing as i did.

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    i could write that all the founding fathers of our country were black and all the slaves were really white. just because i wrote it on paper or it was said on the news doesn't make it true. 80% of the shit on the news is propaganda or opinoins pushed as facts

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