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    what are the light rquirments of a fresh clone do they need darkness to recover from bein cut how lond after they root do you need to veg em I have a 27 gallon bin with 2 20 watt florescent fixtures mounted to the top they are the daylight bulbs because of thair blue tone is why i chose them blue wavelength is for root development and veg right so after i take my clones can they be put in my little box clones need low light til they get rooted right. am i on the right track here
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    Hi Tuss

    Clones root in 3-14 days.
    Your Fluorescents will provide perfectlighting.
    You want to kee moisture in the box.. so that the plants don;t loose all their moisture through their leaves... the clones donthave roots and if they loose all their moisture, they can't get more.. :(

    YOu should try to use
    rooting powder or gel
    wilt spray
    cloning tray with DOME

    and NOW you KNOWM

    Darkness is NOT a plus :)

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    thanks for the info, think if i build a small platform in the sealed box and put an inch of water in the bottom it will help keep humidity up my box has 2 small computer fans one high one low for ventilation and i plan to mist them at least once a day or should i x the fans and just open the lid every day if that the humidity will be high and the air will be stale what ya think my best chances are i dont want the fans to dry em out but i dont want stale air either do i what yall think or am i makin it more complicated than it is

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