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Lighting per plants

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by minjaa, Jan 18, 2007.


    minjaa Active Member

    Ok, lots of discussion on how many lights per plant, but not a lot on watt of light per plants, so here's my question, I like to use 400 watt lights, due to space, heat and output, and plant lenght, I use (1) 400 watt per 7 plants give or take, I cant really say beacuse I use more then 7 plants and lights though-out my grow rooms, Im just using it because thats how I think its spaced out, anyway, I was thinking of hanging CFL's lower down to give light to the lower branches, but not sure if it would make a differance, Ive tried 600-'s 1000's watts but they produce more heat then I can get rid of, I was wondering if i can do a S.O.G. on a large scale with 400's and if so how many plants per light, I have normal 8 foot ceilings. Want some advice to increase my yeild but not hurt it.

    Timbit Active Member

    Well Im about to start my next grow and I will have 48 plants under a 400hps as well as 4 t5 flouro's in a dwc hydro. Im goning to flower at 4-6 inches. If the math is correct I should yeild alot more bud in a shorter time than the recommened 6 plants under a 400hps. 0.33 sqft per plants and a total of 15sqft grow area
    530w/15= 35.5 watts per sqft so if i Get 0.5 grams per watt each plant should yeild
    Now I have no clue if this will work but Im going to try, and have some fun.

    48 plants producing 1/2 oz
    or 6 plants producing 2oz
    No harm in trying new thing out i guess
    Dont bash my idea because I dont even now if it will work
    Plus Im stoned and have no worry's

    Just try new things live and learn

    cuzzabuds Active Member

    for every 2 plants have 1 400hps @ bottom trim @ ya talking 4oz to 5oz a plant,gotta have 2 massive exhaust fans,1 dumping @ the other for intake

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    a measure of watts per plant is a little meaningless to a plant (watts = volts x amps), unless you can make a direct connection between watts and emitted light energy (lumens). lumen is a measure of light intensity, and the energy produced by those aforementioned watts. The relationship between the amount of light energy, and the space (m2) to be covered by that energy is what is really important to the plant.

    the performance of the plant is a direct response to the amount of light energy (lumens) that it receives.....and this is not a direct function of the watt classification of the bulb.

    so it is my understanding that functionallly, the measure that means the most is....lumens/sq meter. daylight sunlight is 10,000 lumen/sq ft.

    I have certainly seen a marked (though not empirically measured) increase in performance with the addition of a 55000 lumen bulb in 6 sq meters....as compared to 23400 lumens for the same space.

    cuzzabuds Active Member

    ok fair enough a na wot ya saying but the fella using 1 400hps for 7 plants///////////////

    cuzzabuds Active Member

    u shud no if u havnt got enough light without getting ya book out @ gettin al technical,ya plants will lean towards a light source if it isnt getting enough light...ANSWERS IN LAYMANS TERM.SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE @ SPREAD THE LOVE

    rmax Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a 600 Watter. Previously I used a 192 Watt New Wave 28 T5 (8 bulbs 2'-0" long.)

    The last time I grew I had a CFL on the floor beneath the plant and noticed better bud growth where this CFL was placed.

    So this time, I'll have my 600 Watter up top and the T5 fixture on the bottom pointing its rays up.

    I'm expecting the bottom of the plants to look as nice as the top of the plants.

    Jash1297 Well-Known Member

    I can hardly read your posts without tripping over wrong words and "text lingo."

    cuzzabuds Active Member


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