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Light too close burnt bud top 1000w hps

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by viridi, Jan 7, 2013.


    viridi Member

    If light was too close and made bud top hairs brown and leaves a little less green at 3 weeks will this plant survive? Will it still develope and grow? What should be done? +++rep

    DannyBlaze Member

    It's like when you get burnt it going leave a scar where you get brunt at the rest should be okay..
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    delvite Well-Known Member

    it should be good just get your light up or try tieing your girl down :)
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    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    It's not good, at first the damage seems localised but in time the plant becomes sick looking, more yellow damaged leaves can appear all over the plant and the rest have a pale look,wont drink or eat much and final harvest can be crap. You might be lucky but my point is a heat/light damaged plant can really go down hill.
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    viridi Member

    This has me very worried. Thanks to everyone for their advice.

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