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Light Penetration of C.F.L's

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by asdf1, Oct 26, 2010.


    asdf1 Active Member

    Ok so I am a CFL grower on my second grow. The first one was more of a learning experience to get my feet wet. Now that I'm on my second grow I'm diving headfirst into the deep end. If anyone needs a visual on anything i'm talking about check the journal in my sig. There are pictures of everything in there.

    So as anyone who has done research into CFL's knows that they dont have very good light penetration and must be kept very close to the plant. The first plants to enter my brand new flower chamber went in on October the 8th so that makes today day 18 of flowering for them.

    When I look at the plant the top colas are just as developed as the bottom budsites. Literally I think if I counted hair for hair they would be dead on. I know this is a good thing but I am puzzled a little bit. I had planned to lollipop my plants to some extent to remove some of the bottom budsites because i figured that since my CFL's are on a level plane above the plants the bottom budsites wouldn't ever develop fully but so far they are on par with the top colas.

    I guess my question is: Have I overcome the flaw of C.F.Ls low light penetration by sheer numbers. I'm by no means complaining, I'm STOKED. I thought I would have a huge problem with the penetration of the light, now i'm puzzled that i'm not having any problems with it. In fact the bottom budsites are growing as if they are getting as much light as the top colas that are inches from the lights. Its just sort of going against everything i've read about CFLs and im curious as to why....

    Again, pics in my journal (Link in Sig).... And i would appreciate any input whatsoever and feel free to leave feedback in my journal as well.

    Happy Growing :leaf:

    asdf1 Active Member

    you must be joking. Over 50 views and not one response.

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