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Light Movers?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Coors, Apr 18, 2011.


    Coors Well-Known Member

    Are light movers worth the money? and if so why?

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    Need more data.

    Coors Well-Known Member

    LIGHT MOVER, (Noun) a motor system to keep your lights moving in order to provide better light coverage and distribution to your plants.

    I need more data on what data you need? 9 x 4 room

    DaddyPurp Member

    They use more power.... I don't see a need for them, just another way to waist $$$

    Dominathan Well-Known Member

    They use a lot less power, considering one moving light can replace 4 stationary ones in a nice grow room! Go for the movers man!

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    I know what a light mover is. Was that sarcasm?

    The data needed from you (for example):

    Size of a grow room. Answered.

    Other data that would be useful would be information on your light set up.

    If you have 2 400/600w HPS lights, then no, you would not need a light mover.

    If you have one 1000w HPS in a room that size, then no, you would not need a light mover.

    If you have one 250/400/600w HPS, then yes, a light mover would be ideal in that grow space.

    cannabis420420 Well-Known Member

    instead of a light mover how about buying another light :)

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    As mentioned above by dominathan, less power. Which of course would cut down on overhead.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    I agree! and if your using it to span a large area you wont be happy with what you get.
    the price on a mover is almost the same as a ballast.
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    Dominathan Well-Known Member

    I like it when my name gets said.

    Coors Well-Known Member

    Thanks!! I was not trying to be sarcastic, just a bad stoned joke.

    you think 1 x 1000 hps is enough for that space? I was going to go with 2 x 1000. As far as my light supply goes I already have more lights than I know what to do with. currently I have 2x 400MH, 2x 600HPS, and 2x 1000HPS. Everything that I've seen says that a 1000 will cover about a 5x5 foot area. so I figure 2 would cover a 10x5. or be a little over kill for a 9x4.

    what are some advantages to a light mover?

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I've never used them myself but I have a good buddy running a single 1kW in a 4x8 tent on a light mover and he's taking down 2-2.5 per cycle. Really maximizes canopy size if you ask me.

    Coors Well-Known Member

    I think that If I went with 1 x 1000 a mover might not be a bad idea.

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Hobbes got 2.4 g per watt using a light mover.

    I believe he said that they did better than the plants under another light......


    "I'm growing hydro in a closet roughly 2x8ft."

    One 600 watt and a light mover. I'd go for the 5.0 over the 3.5 Light Rail just for the more powerful/resilient motor, and the slower moving motor. Here's my 8'x3' grow cage, 600W and a light rail.

    I find that marijuana grows better with a moving light source rather than a stationary one, both to get the plant from different angles (get areas normally in shadow) and to give the light receptors on the plant a rest - plants don't normally get 12 hours of direct, constant light, especially from the same source. My yield is well above 1 gram per watt with this system.





    Pics of my garden: SSD, KM, BG, BL, T, Flo, RD



    deprave New Member

    Id say if you have only 1 light then its worth it to get either a light mover or another light, one or the other. Don't forget you can actually build your own light mover very cheaply and easily. It makes sense if you have more space then you do lights basically.

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    If you are going to put 2x 1000w in your space, I would put just one 1000w on a light mover.

    Would cut down on overhead cost (as mentioned before) and cut down on heat accumulation.

    RAncorman New Member

    [FONT=&quot]so worth the money because, when you move your light you can reach all the leaves instead of just the top ones and since the light moves the hot spots no longer exists therefor you can run the light closer to the plants getting a better use of your wattage which results in better yields. [/FONT]

    JohnnySocko Active Member

    I've read a couple threads on em and the arguments make sense from a mathematical P.O.V: heat, electricity, even canopy.... I think someone had 2ea 600's in a 4x8 and was kicking ass with it; again pardon me if I can't recall the thread or exact specifics

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