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Light green plant?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Alwayslearnin, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:19 PM.


    Alwayslearnin Well-Known Member

    I have 6 white cookie gals from crop king collectibles and I got no complaints. They have grown quite nicely, very vigorous! However I did notice one that looked like it got too much fert and her leaf tips were burned and it was pretty bad I think this is the one before I flushed her last night, night before. If it will post that is. Lol.
    Anyway I flushed her with 21 gallons of fresh water right out the Poland spring gallon jugs unopened before I got them the opened for 24 hrs then I put it to it. But now all the others are a dark green and she is a much lighter green.
    Is this because I flushed her? I did give her a half dose of the fox farm schedule for week 3 and that's it. Here are a couple of the others I don't have a pic of the one that's light green at the moment I was just out there like always for a couple hours just smoking pot and telling them my day the only women that will just not critique, the way I live or judge me for what I say. Haha. Holy shit this takes a long time to download a pic! Anyway I forgot my phone in the house and I gotta get up and get my kids off to school. I'll take pics in the afternoon when the lights are out and post it

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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Lol. They are going into flower. They look like that.

    21 gallons. Why so much?

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Only reason I lol'ed is because the first time I flowered a cannabis plant I was like wtf is wrong with it and tried fixing the problem.

    Its when most pot patches are found. It makes them stick out.
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    Alwayslearnin Well-Known Member

    They ain't going into flower, we'll 4 did cause they are autos but the one I'm talking about us a photo and wouldn't flower unless I let it

    Alwayslearnin Well-Known Member

    Either way I think they are close to being rootbound so I'm gonna transplant then start the 12/12 after they recover in about two weeks

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    The ones in the pic are fine and going into flower.

    SouthCross Active Member

    What's that red thing with a blue handle? Lower right of the picture.

    What is that?

    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    Nothing is wrong with your plant from the looks of it to me. New growth comes out yellow/gold when it is growing fast, in flower or veg.

    Alwayslearnin Well-Known Member

    Sweet, last crop was a dud so just jumpy cause they do look good. I got 10 gallon pots to put em in if I need to I'll check outhe their roots tonight, if they look as though they could use a little room I'll give a little.

    tpc_mikey Active Member

    I can say this from experience to me they look like they have way to much nitrogen deep dark green shiney leafs tall tale sign of over doing the N during veg, the pots they are in are more than big enough for the plants size, my guess is they maybe having a tad of lockout due to salt build ups from all the N you have given them, the 21 gal flush which is way over board IMO you really just need to water them enough to get a 25% runoff should have washed that away i would let them dry out for a few days after 21 gallons and give them a week or so with no nutes to see how they recover. but if you start transplanting and they are already stressed from N toxicity your gonna get some hermies, just relax and see how they recover from the drowning you gave them lol. they look relatively healthy remember its a weed we dont have to panic and poison them every time we see something we think is wrong. Good Luck. mine is 43 days into veg with zero nutes all organic soil i have given it water thats it. IMG_1064.JPG

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