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Light green mids with red hairs

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by jahjah kush, May 9, 2010.

    jahjah kush

    jahjah kush Member

    Strain: unknown looked like some sort of sativa
    Growth: was bought during early may so it was probily either grown indoors it showed no sign of being bricked
    Nutes: unknown
    Yield: proboly high yeild
    Bag Appeal: good bag apeal if it was completely nuigs good aamount of hair and crystals
    Smell: the faintest skunk not able to be smelled if you had it in your pants pocket talking to some one
    Taste: smooth
    The High: mellow made me just want to sit on my porch and looka t the world
    Comments: was good weed and my 1st pickup about a year ago from my cousin for free:weed: loved it ever since

    malzherb Member

    dude this sounds crazy but i think ihave the same exact bud as you growing right now. it looks and smells exactly like you describe and ill try to post up some pics of it today. check out my thread though to see the plant. its 3 or 4 days into flowering. i have it written down im just too high to remember

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