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Light distance from clones?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bwatte, Mar 22, 2010.


    bwatte Active Member

    I am using a 400w MH along with 8 other cfl's @ 6500k a piece. My question is that what setting should I have my ballast set to? 250, 275, 400 watt and then a super lumen setting. Right now I just set it on 400, is this going to be too hot considering I cant move the lamp any higher? I just dont want to burn the clones with the lamp being this close set at 400w. Thanks

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    golddog Well-Known Member

    I they are just clones, you don't need the HID yet. I get my clones going in a humidity box with 2 CFL's outside the box, that's all they need.

    Then I put them in 8 oz coffee cups to get them going. I my veg box I have 4 CFL's. You can get the lights very close. 1-2 inches.

    I transplant them into 16 0z cups and I keep them there for a week or so, unless I have to wait on my flower box. In which case I will let them veg under CFL's until I have room in my big box.

    I dry my buds in the Flower box, as it has the carbon filter in it which keeps the smell way down.

    Then ...... I clean up and switch the bulb to Metal Halide and transplant again into 1 gallon pots.

    I will veg them until they are 12-18 inches and then I will re-pot them in 3 gallon pots. When they are 18-24 inches tall and topped or fimmed or lst'ed, I switch them to 12/12 for the duration. :bigjoint:

    bwatte Active Member

    So will using a MH be a bad idea for the small guys?

    golddog Well-Known Member

    It won't be bad if you don't overheat them, BUT you will probably get closer internodal lengths (bud sites closer together) with the CFL's.

    Some clones don't like the bright lights (HID) right away. :bigjoint:

    Jamexican Well-Known Member

    also when using a 400w mh or hps, then it pretty much makes the cfl's worthless.

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