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light cycle with fresh clones?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by apstoned, Nov 17, 2007.


    apstoned Active Member

    so i have 2 clones just put into their first pots, sitting under 2 100w CFLs. my growshop gave me a feedling/lighting schedule, but i wanted to check here for further advice.

    i'm doing a closet grow, so the plants cant really get taller than 2-2.5 ft.

    the person at the shop said i should put them at 18/6 for 4-5 days, then transplant them and drop the light to 12/12 for the rest of the 10-11 weeks.

    however, i have heard that 24/7, is better for them. basically, how long do you think i should wait to drop it to 12/12, and in the meantime, should i be running in 18/6 or 24/7? any help or additional advice would be appreciated too. thanks

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    I put fresh cuttings on 24\0 for ten days under floros than 18\6 for 15 days under mh than 12\12 under hps till thair done but thats just what i do, i have a fresh clone area a mother area and than a flower veg area i just change mh to hps bulb in flower room.:blsmoke: you should get a few opinions and than make a dicision, after you do it a few times you can make your own way of doin it

    reeffermadness Well-Known Member

    for vegg I just go with 24/0 ...esp for clones...but if they were seeds I would probably go with 18/6.

    medical.use Well-Known Member

    Did the dude say what kind of clones they are? If you have a max of 2.5' i would go 12/12 when they get just over a foot. Depending on many factors but they should double in size when flowering. You could also tie down branches if they start getting too tall. If the dude was using 18/6 i would stick with that. Also are those 100 cfl's really like 26 actual watts or do they use 100 watts each.

    apstoned Active Member

    the plants are power plant. the lights say they use 18w or energy, but put out 100w of light, so i assume thats ok?
    also, should i be feeding them the root stimulator every day for the first week?

    so how long have you guys let your clones veg before putting them on 12/12? is there a good way to tell when to switch?

    MisterNiceGuy Well-Known Member

    whenever you find the right height, just leave it room to get just a little bit bigger buds

    power plants the shit!!!

    NBPaintballer Well-Known Member

    so you only have two 18 watts ?

    jessec Member

    I just took 7 cuttings from my crimea blue and its only been two hours and they are starting to wilt . What can i do? How many times do i water them?

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    do you have a humidity dome over them???

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