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light burn..

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by smokey mcsmokester, Dec 6, 2011.

    smokey mcsmokester

    smokey mcsmokester Well-Known Member

    2 of my ladies are 5 1/2' tall and im running out of head room... There hybrid 60/40 indica sativa and out of 4, 2 are showing sativa traits.
    The strain is nirvana chrystal, im 2 1/2 weeks into flower under a total of 1000 watts of hps (400 and 600 watts).. Im thinking there about finished stretching(fingers crossed) because I can only move my 600 watt about 5 more inches vertically..
    Anyways, The last 2 days Ive been stalling raising the lights and noticed some burn/heat stress on a couple of leafs...
    Im going to try to not let this happen again, Im not new to growing, but Ive never had this problem either, so my question is, How much does this stress the plant? She doesn't seem to be bothered by it, After a couple days the leaf withers and drys out, keep in mind, this has only happend to 3 leaf's on a plant almost 6 feet tall... For 2 1/2 weeks into flower, I can't believe the bud production, she is in full bloom with nice size buds filling in all over, Im sure I'll pull more than 3 oz,s per plant, possably 4.... Thanks....
    smokey mcsmokester

    smokey mcsmokester Well-Known Member


    Greenday735 Well-Known Member

    Youll be all set happened to a few of my plants last grow they were fine
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    smokey mcsmokester

    smokey mcsmokester Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reassurance man....I think they have finally stopped stretching because they havn't seemed to grow more than a half inch in the last 3 days.... I think im safe...lol...

    ratatoolie Active Member

    they are going to get bigger by at least 6 inches by the time its done flowering what you can do though is super crop them yes it will stress the plants and might need an extra week, but at least you wont mess up the bud
    Jimmy Sparkle

    Jimmy Sparkle Well-Known Member

    Supercrop keeps em bushy and shorter. Burnt leaves meh !!! No worries unless its like half the fuckin plant!
    smokey mcsmokester

    smokey mcsmokester Well-Known Member

    Thankis guys, that's what I figured... But it looks like maybe I've burnt the new bud growth on 2 of the three main colas on the one plant , all the other tops are growing, but 2 out of the 3 tops on this lady arn't growing at all.... Will they come back?

    Desr Well-Known Member

    yeah itll come back, i woke up one morning to a completely crispy top and it came back just fine..
    smokey mcsmokester

    smokey mcsmokester Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply man...Just went and checked and she appears to be growing bud again:)

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