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LF Seed Bank in Victoria Canada

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Deputy, Oct 5, 2008.


    Deputy Active Member

    I live near Seattle, WA and do not want to order seeds via mail. I would like to drive to Victoria Canada to a seed bank with a store front. I have never been to Canada. Unfortunately, my partner has a felony, so I'll be traveling alone *I'm a female*. Can anyone recommend a seed bank with a store front? If it's not very close to the border, I can spend the night in a Victoria hotel before traveling home. I believe it's not legal to bring the seeds back; however, I only want 30-40 and figure I can hide them in my "girl spot".

    Thanks all!
    PS: Sorry for the bad nickname, it's from work and I didn't think about it before I registered! No, I am not a real Deputy!
    Alpine farmer

    Alpine farmer New Member

    you dont have to hide them there.....

    and sorry i cant help you about seed banks

    Deputy Active Member

    So, I didn't get a huge response. However, I got in the car and went to Vancouver Seed Bank on Sunday. It was easy to find with my Honda GPS! The staff wasn't overly friendly. This was my first trip to Canada and I've heard, so many times, how everyone in Canada is super friendly.

    They were a bit stand-off-ish, but seemed to be more talkative with people they knew. I guess I understand, but being that I'm a big flaming lesbian with blue, green and purple hair...I can't seem that unapproachable! After looking at their catalog for a bit, I bought a little over $280 in seeds.

    Purple Skunk x Big Bud Skunk
    Bunker Bud
    God's Treat

    Working in customer service, I asked nicely if there were any specials, especially for a customer who may be returning in the future. The gal at the front desk gave me a 10 pack of Lemon Skunk for free. I was rather pleased and though they weren't overly friendly, this sealed the deal for me. If I have a good germination rate (guaranteed 80%, she stated), I'll definitely make the drive across the border again.

    Keep in mind, cash or debit only. No credit cards. I thought I'd put in a good word for this seed bank.

    HookedOnChronic Well-Known Member

    cool, i love BC good to hear the seedbanks have good rep
    that purp skunk/bigbud skunk sounds fuckin good
    good luck on your grow, u gonna keep a journal or anything?

    scrobble Active Member

    What was it like coming back over the border? Any trouble?

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