Lemon Juice!! For Ph Down

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by PhatAnna, Nov 3, 2007.


    PhatAnna Active Member

    i heard that you could use lemon juice for down and vinegar for up. my question is..... are there any negatives to using these household products?

    Deeyou Well-Known Member

    From my understaning these products will only sabilize or a short period and the ph levels will return to the previous levels quickly

    Weedhound Well-Known Member

    Yes they both will lower your ph.....they are both acid.
    Baking soda will raise ph in a pinch.

    Neither of those is made for your system and neither has any ph buffers to keep your ph stable. A small amount is probably harmless enough but I have no idea about a large amount.

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