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Lemon Diesel

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by jake43, Jun 14, 2009.


    jake43 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen Lemon Diesel seeds for sale from a good source?

    Thanks for the help.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Hey Jake

    Here's one by OGRASKELS that you can get through Elite Genetics. They're sold out right now but Elite has a lot of lemon and/or Diesel crosses:

    2b.) {Ny Lemon Diesel}=Nycd X Lemon Thai =$50 Us 10 seeds(SOLD OUT)

    Down near the bottom of this page:



    A lot of the Lemon Larry crosses by Elite might be close to what you're looking for as well. Great breeding, very highly regarded breeder by forum members.

    Something like this might fit what you're looking for and I'd wager it has much greater potency than Lemon Diesel with as good or better lemon/fuel taste (it's in stock):

    4A. Lemon Larry Og Kush (genetic make-up Og Kush “The Larry clone” x Sour Larry Og kush male), This is a 100% Og Kush clone(The Larry) X ( Larry og kush x Sour Diesel IBL male)..This cross is a 75% Larry Og kush/25% Sour Diesel ibl That has a amazing lemon drop candy/og kush/fuel flavor, Amazing Potency With above average yields of lemon og funk! FINDING MANY PURPLE PHENOS~Sativa indica mix, flower time is 9 weeks


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    jake43 Well-Known Member

    Hobbes, thanks for the great info! I will check it out.

    I did notice they are getting a lot of good press on the forum.

    + rep to you

    regal8r Well-Known Member

    check out lsd (lemon sour diesel) by barneys farm. i got some on the way now..

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    OG.Piffington Member

    On Attitude seed bank... they say that Barney's Farm LSD got it's name for it's trippy effects.... Not because it stands for lemon sour diesel. The genetics of LSD, according to the attitude seed bank, are Skunk #1 x Mazar. I'm thinking about ordering some of that too.. great combination of high thc and cbd.

    Anyone know anything about this strain?

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