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Legally buying weed on January 1st just like buying condoms in the early 20th century

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by JackTheBongRipper, Sep 24, 2013.


    JackTheBongRipper Well-Known Member

    Walking into a marijuana store on January 1st will be a momentous event. It reminds me of a scene from Monty Python.

    Just think...
    I can go down the road anytime I want, and walk into Harry's, and hold my head up high and say in a loud steady voice, "Harry, I want you to sell me some cannabis, in fact, today I think I'll have some edibles, for I am a legal Colorado citizen."

    Monty Python and the Meaning of Life explains:

    zubey91 Well-Known Member

    Yup! Hopefully they dont tax the crap out of it if they do. expect 50.00 an 8th, im prob gonna renew my med card

    DankInMyBrain Active Member

    Yup 50 8ths and $300 oz
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    What's a condom?

    420circuit Active Member

    Think I'll go down to Harry's and buy a French Tickler. Along with an ounce for $300. Going to make a weekend out of it.

    JackTheBongRipper Well-Known Member

    Higher taxes in Denver means cheaper weed in surrounding counties. It will devolve into a revenue war. Who can tax the least and bring in the most money?
    Now that capitalism is almost in place prices are plummeting. Dispensaries are already selling mid grade quality at $18-25 an 1/8th depending on where you go.

    Once full scale production sets in it will be a whole new ballgame. Anyone can grow up to 6 plants, 3 in flowering. That means they will be competing with people who would rather just home grow instead of buying expensive crappy weed. That would never work. If you think prices will be high you're dreaming, even with taxes. A free market always finds a sweet spot for consumers. Everyone who's ever grown weed on a large scale knows it could be sold for a fraction of the current price. Right now it may be a gold mine for some, but it's about to be a mundane commodity with free market forces driving production and cost.

    Naysayers are going to be in for a wake-up call. Those that make their living on black market or medical marijuana are the most vocal opposition to total legalization, and that should tell you something.
    Pepe le skunk

    Pepe le skunk Well-Known Member

    Actually think price will go up because of the demand in the beginning. Most places won't open for a few weeks to months and production won't keep up with initial demand. There is a 2 year wait for non medical locations to be able to open. Even if you tried to start as medical today it would be a little while like 2016 before you could do retail. Not every medical location will switch to retail.
    Commander Strax

    Commander Strax Well-Known Member

    then people that are still growing will be like Moon Shiners...

    You gonna have to go get some overalls and start dating your cousin

    PurpleBuz Well-Known Member

    Can you really assume that it will be a free market in Colorado ? Isn't it going to be taxed and regulated heavily ? Usually govt controls make prices higher for the consumer.

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    The politicians are trying to get a 51.9% tax on marijuana. That is bullshit and Anti-American.
    If that happens, I will never go to a retail store.
    The $200 ounce from the medical place costs $300 at a rec store.
    No thanks.

    It is too bad the politicians did not read the amendment and go with the will of the people.
    Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, should mean that marijuana is taxed at the same rate as booze, 2.9%

    In talking to a few dispensary owners, there is a ton of weed available right now and they are all getting ready for the change. I doubt there will be a supply problem.

    Only dispensary owners can have retail stores right now and they are ready. They have been getting ready since last November.

    Most will switch or have both stores.

    ogreb Active Member

    I live in the only town in the middle of 4 surrounding counties that has not out right banned retail stores.
    So if Manitou doesn't pass it in Dec...it's either Denver or Pueblo.
    But street weed is still plentiful and almost same price and quality ( if not better sometimes ) And the cops no longer care.
    I was against retail in my town at first, due to it being too small and already having a growing homeless problem ( They are all here for the weed and easy living...hopefully the cold will drive them off )
    However after the fires last year and the floods this year...our town could use the money.
    A lot of business have closed because nobody can get flood insurance. Or lost money due to lack of tourists.
    But in the end our town is drowning in high grade weed...top shelf OZs go for 120 or so.( Most way better then dispensary crap ) Because like me, half the town grows. Power consumption in our town has risen 30% in the last 3 years.
    Seeing a plant ( or plants ) in public view, in somebodies yard are as common as tomato plants.
    Yeah we can use the money as of right now we are broke and can not even afford to rebuild the on ramp to out town.
    So if you want weed in Manitou...just go to Soda Springs park and wait a few minutes...somebody will try and sell you smoke.
    Me personally I have not bought weed in almost 4 years...bringing in between 4 and 5 lbs in the next few weeks.

    And like I said as far MJ goes our local law enforcement just doesn't care, if your caught smoking in public they will ask you go somewhere else or put it away...they will not ticket you or even take your stuff.

    I live in a cool town...well except for the fires and the floods.

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    Do you water your plants with magic Manitou spring water?

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