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Legal Weed No THC

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by ozstone, Dec 3, 2010.


    ozstone Well-Known Member

    After smoking weed now for 20yrs, I am glad I came across this product as I now have to pass random drup tests at work.
    I was referred to this by my brother who is in a similar position, maybe I have been living under a rock, or has this stuff been around a while. Because I ordered some from the website ( Northern Lights) and it has to be said its a pretty good high,has any one else tried this ?



    rowlman Well-Known Member

    No..this is the first time Ive seen an actual review...I'm glad to here it works for you...I was in a union job for years and had to constantly stop smoking and clean my system out...and I've spent hundreds on Ready-Clean products( which worked for me )...have you takin the test yet??...if you pass the test and the stuff gets you high the BAM...your golden
    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    they just outlawed similar products here in US called K2 or spice...

    exile2362 Member

    The stuff has been outlawed in my state. It uses a synthetic chemical that kind of mimics the high marijuana gives. Supposedly it can cause many health problems such as stomach ulcers, seizers, and possible cardiac arrest from what I have heard. Personally I stay away from the stuff.

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