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LED yield?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Organized Chaos, Sep 7, 2010.

    Organized Chaos

    Organized Chaos Member

    is it realistic for me to think that with the correct strain i could grow 3 plants that would yield a half pound each under a high quality 350w LED. any thoughts, suggestions? thanks
    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    led suk. waste of money. not to bad for veg but no power to flower them. you wont get anywhere near even half that
    Organized Chaos

    Organized Chaos Member

    what leds did you use?

    satire Active Member

    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    dont matter what one, they all suk. no lumens to em is why. i work in a store so we try em all out and wont sell them at our shop. can have all the colours in the world but with no lumens no big buids
    and the cost of them better get me big buds.

    tsky Active Member

    actually lumens mean very little when talking about led's the figure you actually need to look for is PAR - Photosynthetically active radiation. This is the amount of energy emitted by the lamp which can actually be used by a plant (400-700nm). lumens are useful for fluro and hid lighting but this isnt comparable to led as leds can be designed to emit only usable light unlike traditional lighting.
    e.g. a 100w led provides 100 usable watts of energy however a 100w hid does not as much of the emitted energy is in the form of heat or light out of the range of 400-700nm.
    Currently though i think the best results are gained from hid lights however these aren't practical for everyone and leds do produce some results.

    Photosynthetically active radiation
    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    tried to keep it simple for the newer grower was all....week is week what ever way ya slice it
    will take a long long time to make up the infalted cost and losses of yields to pay for itself

    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    But I still don't think they have mastered the LED grow lights just yet...I constantly hear LED companys claim that their product can produce results comparable to a 600 watt HID whilst using a fraction of the power, but I've seen the results of both sides...and the LED's just can't compete with HID's just yet...


    Canon Well-Known Member

    Looked hard into LEDs for my new cab.
    They've come a long ways since beginning.
    But,,, they've still got a very long journey yet to go for me to consider using them (cost effective thing).
    When a major breakthru occures,, I hope the manufacturers DRASTICLY reduce the cost just to get folks to try them.
    That'll regain my interest and make it affordable to test if indeed they are indeed better than reputations.
    For now,, I'l stick with CFLs for seedlings / clones / 12" + under vegging. Then switch to HPS.
    For me in my limited way it's proven to be the way to go for my grows (which are relatively small by most standards - personal grow)
    Maybe if I had an extra $10K kicking around and could afford to line my grow areas with LEDs like mylar,,,, then maybe.

    I like the idea! Low wattage, low visible light (to attract attention), low heat, etc. But they're just not up to the task yet as a stand-alone grow light.
    You can subsidize with CFLs for a grow. Problem with that is the total cost when compared to a HPS.
    Got a vented hood 250W HPS for under $200.
    Even with just CFL's I approached that very quickly after considering sockets, movable suports, reflectors, assorted bulbs, wiring, timers and all. Plus all the PIAs trying to get it right.
    To me, the only good things about LEDs at this point are theory & idea. All else fails in comparison (and at a high $ count too).

    But,,, that's just an old fart's opinion too. :blsmoke:

    tsky Active Member

    yea personally i think hid give the best results however led is still new and is eventually gona overtake it im sure but even proper cfl lamps are massive and not everyone has room for that shit so for some people spending the extra on led to get product they otherwise wouldnt be able to get is worth it.

    Canon Well-Known Member

    But, CFL's work.

    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    theres nothing new about led`s, been around for years already and still cant cpmpete. from an inside scoop i know there is other lights that will replace the led. ive done just as good if not better using cfl`s. thats what they should be comparing them to....not hid lights
    its kinda like the comparison to cfl they show., 42 watt cfl is equal to a 150 watt. ya but in an incadecent ,a reg house light. not hid. but that alone sells them.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I agree leds do have some good grows but cannot compete with hids.Everybody who claimed to do a test with both lights still have yet to show results that leds produce more.Ill stick with my hids.Besides the amount of money led cost you can get 2 hids and be happy.

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