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LED light distance from canopy

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by mickfanning, Feb 25, 2014.


    Scotch089 Well-Known Member

    right?! its like they think were just shitting on an empty stomach! Quality over Quantity any day of the week- in every aspect! :weed: Most of us have ran cheaper panels and learned the HARD way, and Greengenes among others, are trying to help people AVOID chucking money down the drain. They are just fortunate he gives a fuck enough to try and help out! Sorry I wasn't around G, been a busy couple weeks.

    Im not saying Chinese LEDs don't work, but I will say- my no name UFO shit out altogether, my GLH Spectra's shocked me (no, not in a surprised way... well, kinda, but they literally gave me a nice shock if I help them just right while adjusting..) my ProGrow's were louder than rest of my grow, including my inline on a controller. My Cidly "style" apollo's ran hot, like hot hot. Great saturation, seriously... with a custom spectrum AND all NW's (the nw's gave a little higher numbers, [blue photons]), but, all the light was concentrated within the dimensions of the panel, and falloff was astronomical... and again, that in combo with the radiant heat... just not ideal. speciall my size space.

    The ONLY panels I have found outweigh their Cons with Performance are the newer '51's and AT, who have been doing the same thing for 5+ yerars. because. it. works.

    My only real complaint, which is more of an inquiry, is why no larger, legitimate, or educated companies like the above- do not incorporate 660nm, I have heard the debate back and forth about not being needed and 630 is a strong/close enough peak... but I would like to a hear a "all ending" reason why, I am actually browsing eBay's wears of shitty 660's to mount with those 730s I finally received...

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    ^^^^Cree/nichia don't make 640-660nm, so they go with 630nm..........simple as that. Is it "viable" alternative, YES.....will 630nm perform EQUALLY to dedicated 640/660nm monochromatic diodes NO IMO.

    640/660nm is NOT overrated , you can't ignore chlorophyll a&b peaks in the red part of the spectrum, especially dealing with yields from a FLOWERING annual!!!!
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    pSi007 Active Member

    Bu-dump-dump.. Squirrelly little Chinese guys make me laugh, they are like toy G.I.Joe soldiers.. They will sell you some of their plastic for a taste of Hollywood.

    Order something from China and see how much the air mail is on a 40lbs item. :) (steel case, 8 fans) But ya, I purchased the LED from a company in Guangdong Province, LEDs are from the new Cree factory in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. The IR and UV are shit LEDs from Cree.. I replaced the burned out IR and UV with 3w Cree from ebay for $10, 420nm and 440nm, the lamp has plenty of reds, direct fit as replacement.

    Here is "American made" Blackstar 900w - $950

    Here is Chinese Kung Fu, Blackstar 900w - $400

    With either of these, I suggest 16-20" inches from the tops and a 4ft light mover. I would also supplement some UV with a Metal Halide. I think IR is not important for cannabis growth.

    Gaius Active Member

    I just moved my COBs down to ~16 inches. Going to see how they do a bit closer since I didn't use any lenses or reflectors. SupraSPL has his pretty close to the plants, but he's running em quite a bit softer. Won't be sure on the proper distance till I get a quantum meter here. In Pico's server-rack grow, he had buds up within just a few inches of the chips.

    Scotch089 Well-Known Member

    But being as resourceful as companies like that are wouldn't you think they would go out of their way to get in touch with Phillips or Osram and incorparate such an important nm? I mean look at IndaGro, all white light, and they are charging a whole separate light source's worth for 660nm Red supp.... so there has GOT TO BE some method to the madness. I know E kind of found his 625's to be a happy median with the falloff towards the 660... but has anyone proven a 2:1 (630:660) or any other ratio? I feel like I remember all of this... i may have to surf my subs or somethin.

    Dont get me wrong, I am waving the Red Flags (not carpets...ha) everywhere, Im actually throwing together that 730 pontoon this week and ordered some 660s to fill in the space, I would like to try and mimic the cycles in a day... Cool white in the morning, heavier reds come in the evening.. ima start a thread hopefully get some opinions and spitball this thing.

    pSi007 Active Member

    I think all of us want to know more about LEDs. The problem is that they are VERY expensive and it is hard to throw money into unproven technologies. As it stands, I believe I MIGHT try to get 1000w of actual power from an LED array to grow summer cannabis, indoor. It get's hot in Cali in the summer..!

    With my exp, I have noticed that LEDs are perfect for a lack of heat generation. They are truly the next great thing for indoor cannabis but obviously, the technology needs to improve a little more and the prices need to come down.

    youngbuzz101 Well-Known Member

    OK ok .. I understand what you are all tryinG to pass on. Obviously if you are purchasing an led you want the best. Although not everyone can afford the best all I'm saying is the Chinese LEDs are a good substitute to hi end LEDs in comparison to price. And to the redefinition of my anology thank you but no. I was'nt trying to say by a 2k car and put 5k into it. Only an idiot does that lol. I wouldn't put any money in my cheap LEDs cause imma ride them into the ground per say. Look I have had my 180w for a year now and every diode works. Now it might not be super fancy or more productive but shit it cost me less than $100 plus free motha truckn shippin can't beat that.

    When it finally dies I will salute it, smile and log on to eBay cause 100 dollars for a year of grows is well worth it without breaking my bank.Plus that's if it only lasts a year my 180w is a little over a year and counting. I also have a 300w led cost me $130 you were saying something like 500 for name brand, that wasn't a 150 dollar difference for quality. No my good friend that was 370 dollars difference. I buy my cheap light take my chances and with the money I save I get some good quality soil, nutes, case of beer, and take the Miss's to dinner. I'm not expecting the best, I'm expecting what I pay for. Chinese lights are not shit they work just fine for how long who knows. Been working just fine these last couple harvest and let me just say with the money these 'shit' lights have gotten me I could buy one of those hi tech pieces of technology but, I could just as easily replace my cheap LEDs with more cheap LEDs hahaha.



    youngbuzz101 Well-Known Member

    Aren't we supposed to be supporting the growth of these plants and using this site to liberate our cause in the form of a cummunity. Who gives a flying flock what people are using as long as the job gets done.

    One love

    Dr.SteveBrule New Member

    Does anyone have info on KIND LED lights? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Scotch089 Well-Known Member


    its doctor Steve brule!


    cannot wait for his own show..

    Look for a user named Felix's thread he just started with KIND

    pSi007 Active Member

    yup, rad.. Remember some people try to make a living selling a light that costs $100 to build and $1000 to buy.

    Dr.SteveBrule New Member

    Cool brother, thanks alot .

    CombatVet2002 Member

    What distance should I keep my 450 Watt LED light away from my ceiling canopy. The light itself pulls 230 Watts.. I am doing a single Auto flower in a 27 gal DWC with chiller.. she is 14 days old today and is short as hell..
    Heat is becoming a issue 81 to 85 degrees. I have an Exhale C02 bag 10" from canopy. I'm running an 18-6 light schedule. So anybody who has suggestions about the proper light distance I like to hear. I'm not an idiot I know its not 8:10 inches 12 inches I know what that distance I would roast my plants. I'm definitely looking for some feedback on a bunch of I don't knows please

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    12-18 inches

    CombatVet2002 Member

    That would fry them if the light was that low, a 14 day old ??
    My light is a 450 w Vipar Spectra Reflector series..

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