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Leaving plant in the dark 36 hours before harvesting and no water?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by wavey.mofo, Jan 29, 2011.


    wavey.mofo Active Member

    Hey guys, would leaving my plant in the dark and not watering it for 36 hours before harvesting be a good idea?

    HaNdGr3NaDe Member

    I have actually done some research on this. Some people swear by it...just like flushing their plants two weeks prior to harvest. Others will tell you no, its a matter of opinion and testing things out. Unless there is someone that has tested here already that can tell you about it. I would just do some reading on it before you decide.

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    There was some research lab that tested this awhile back but they have since broken up. They claimed that up to 48 hours of darkness before harvest could increase trichome production but mostly just with 'white' strains.

    I believe this one, but I think that unless you know what strains it really works with it isn't exactly worth the effort. In theory if a plant is making babies and thinks its sun will never come back its going to do everything it can to make one last attempt to better itself before it dies. Putting your plants through this shouldn't really hurt anything, although you may want to think twice about harvesting a plant that has gone without water for an abnormally long period of time because then the buds might dry too quickly (and that is a bad thing).
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    It depends, in part, on how you dry the plants. Drying the plants whole is leaving them in darkness for their last 36 hours and more.

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