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Leaves Turning Yellow From Bottom Up--Flowering-HELP PLEASE!- PICS

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Zhuleni, Nov 28, 2008.


    Zhuleni Active Member

    Hi All. I'm one month into flowering super skunk in a soil mix i made. using a 250 hps, 340cfm inline fan for ventilation, temps at 78 degrees, and water phed between 6.5 and 6.8. I'm using biobizz nutes (bio grow, bio bloom, and top max) http://www.biobizz.nl/ . first time grow.

    So. yesterday i noticed that my girls lower leaves were turning yellow. I checked the soil (it had been 4 days since last watering) and decided she needed some water. So I prepared her normal water (bio grow, bio bloom, and top max all at slightly below recommended doses) . Today one plant has gone from about 25 percent yellow to 75 percent yellow. Starting from the bottom up.

    What should I do?

    I've ruled out a nute deficiency because I just fed them yesterday and they got worse so I think I need to flush them. Does this sound like the right idea? If so is it ok to flush just one day after a feeding? the soil is still wet so I don't want to overwater them. I've got some nice colas so I don't want to lose my girls a month into flowering.


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    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    check the soli ph
    maybe your just over fertilizing

    ripz New Member

    have you flushed them at all yet? what feed are you giving them?

    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    Don't worry it's normal in flowering. I just reached 6 weeks flowering, and leaves have been turning yellow for about 2 weeks now.

    The plant is focusing it's energy on the buds and no longuer needs the largest, oldest fan leaves. I would remove only the one that have shriveled, yellow does not mean dead.

    Your plants looks great nice job

    Zhuleni Active Member

    Thanks for the quick responses. I think I'm going to flush them today though since I haven't flushed them at all yet. I was told the nutes im using could be used during every watering (biogrow, biobloom, and topmax ...all biobizz products ) Now, Im thinking that can't be true and that they just need a good flushing. How often do you flush, and if I haven't flushed them at all yet, do you think this is the cause of my problem???

    Once again. many thanks helping get my girls back up on their feet.

    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    Unless you really over feed your plants there is no need to flush them. I am too using Biobizz products and I am yet to have any problems again, yellowing is normal during flowering.

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist


    Fuck im probably too late.

    lol, Either way, its still just nitrogen deficiency. Your nuggets may grow a little slower, but you should be fine. If you wanna give them a LOW LOW dose of nitro, so as to not effect the yield of your grow or the size of the buds in general (because adding nitrogen to your grow during flowering is a NONO, but if you need it, there are ways around it), then add a SMALL amount of Cottonseed meal to the topsoil, and water it in. Just like a fat handful, spread around the top of your pot. Water it in nice n good, n you should be cool with the nitro. Itll feed the bottom roots nice n slow, no overdosing or anything like that, n youll be golden :D

    ripz New Member

    with bio bizz i add some grow to the bloom feed all the way through flower since doing this had no n def where as before it was horrible

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    I do, looking at your pictures I can see the tips of all the leaves have browned, a sign of nute burn. Not necessarily from over fertilizing but from a build up of residual fertilizer. I have access to unlimited high quality rainwater so UI flush every watering to play it safe. I use a ballpark figure of 1- 1 ratio soil volume - water volume. An emergency flush, which I think you need you would use 300 % water. The water should be warmed to at least room temperature or slightly higher. Take your time with a bit of the water at a time, so that the salts can get dissolved into solution, until you've used it up.

    Zhuleni Active Member

    once again thanks for the fast replies! I still haven't flushed them yet, but am now a bit confused. Do others agree with frmrboi that they're burnt and need to be flushed? Gorlax, ripz, and king all have some nice grows. Like i said this is my first time grow and am open to all opinions, just seems that i'm getting conflicting ones now. Thanks again!

    To flush or not to flush. that is the question. :)

    Zhuleni Active Member

    here's a full pic of her. it actually comes out greener in the picture than it is in real life. but it is true that some of my tips have browned a bit.

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    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    She is gorgeous, I am sticking to what I told you. Yellowing is normal in flowering. I too got stressed by it when I started growing. It happens normally because the plant is switching it's energy to the buds instead of the leaves.

    If I where you I would just keep on doing what I am doing, remove the dead leaves when you are 100 % it"s dead cause a yellow leaf does not mean it's dead.

    Good luck

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Ok, your leaves are turning yellow, and then they crisp up and die, starting with the bottom most leaves, right?? This is definitely nitrogen deficiency man. Your already this far along without a flush, so keep doing what your doing right now, and flush 2 weeks before you harvest, and do just straight water from then on out. But that Cottonseed meal will give your plants a tiny dose of Nitrogen (once again, dont give it too much -- just a handful on the topsoil watered in will do). While this will not fix the leaves that are already yellowing, it will slow down if not stop the yellowing. Just remember that Nitrogen Deficiencies are common during flowering, as the plants use up every last drop of residual nitrogen left over in the soil from the vegetative stage. The tips of the leaves that look like burn, is only the leaves starting to get crispy after the yellowing stage. Those leaves are starting to die, as they cant yellow anymore, lol. -- its not burn at all. Just grab that Cottonseed meal, and do what you gotta do, but do it sparingly, like i said, too much will affect flower growth. N while your out pickin up the Cottonseed Meal, also pick up Marijuana Garden Saver : a handbook for healthy plants. Written by JC Stitch, and Edited by Ed Rosenthal.

    This book is a complete, comprehensive book on every single problem you can come across during plant growth. Even double checking in this book, the pic that your showing is the EXACT same thing thats being displayed in the book, only your case is a little more intense. First, DONT WORRY :D, your plant will be fine, nothing will die no matter what you do, as long as you dont go crazy and worry the plant to death, lol.

    Good luck with the grow man, and just breathe , lol :D

    misk Active Member

    always flush then add nutes next watering
    i never use nutes each time they need water only every other time
    do this and they will be fine
    i experienced the same thing it is true they may be lacking nitrogen but they do need a flush so do that and next time you need to water them after the soil has dried out a bit add your nutes
    and hopefully you have the proper flowering nutrient mixture

    greenman3 Well-Known Member

    if your ph levels are high this can cause nute lock out, but.....i think your prolly fine tho. I have had this same problem but before flowering which sucks ass. but with ur situation you should be good just keep doin what ur doin and keep a eye on it. you could bring up the N level a lil bit and be safe but dont get to crazy with it.
    Best of luck! and happy smokin.

    mulhearn2 Active Member

    im havin same prob any one got further advise

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