Leaves turning yellow during flowering?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Tom Hutchins, Aug 17, 2011.

    Tom Hutchins

    Tom Hutchins Guest

    Ok...I have a strange problem. Let me start out by saying I realize that your leaves will turn yellow and die off durning the end stanges of flowering.....HOWEVER...these turn yellow almost 1 week into flowering. During veg, there is no issue at all.

    This is a green crack strain.

    I grew some indoor and these are outdoor. Both produce the same yellow leaves.

    I know it can't be a nitrogen issue as they were healthy dark green durning veg. They shouldn't be taking in any nitrogen right now anyway. PH is not an issue. Outdoor is strickly organic. Super soil mix. I've added worm castings to surface of soil durning watering once.

    Any help would be awesome! Thanks guys/gals.

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    Detroitgrower313 Active Member

    well when you bloom you are usually significantly dropping you Nitrogen levels and that will always cause yellowing, but if they were just fine a week ago, idk what could make em yellow that much that fast?! but if both indoor and outdoor are doing it, i would think they are jus starving for N. j.m.h.o. iam no expert.
    Tom Hutchins

    Tom Hutchins Guest

    Just seems weird that they would want to have nitrogen still. They need to be focusing on bud growth! Should I get a large dose of phosphorus?

    Detroitgrower313 Active Member

    imnot even gunna bs u n tell u sumn i honestly dont kno. i got a post on here for a prob i got. urs jus look like they are def N starverd, but like u said, in flower? and that yellow that fast? that is strange????

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    Cannabis actually use a TON of nitrogen during the stretch phase of flowering and even after its a good idea to give a veg feeding every once and a while. Nitrogen being bad during flowering is a myth and its actually very important in keeping your plants main energy producers the fan leaves around and making energy for the buds as long as possible. during stretch phase i give veg nutes about every other flower nute feeding or every 2 flower nute feedings.

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