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Leaves turning black fast?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by pickle, Jul 24, 2010.


    pickle Active Member

    I read through a few previous posts about this, but no one had any pictures that really looked like what i got, my pictures are blurry from my phone digital camera died, its been a bad month anyways any idea what this would be, looked healthy two days ago, temps were kinda high, humidity never went over 55%. There is pretty good circulation, 465cfm out.

    Any input is appreciated. I trashed the plant, kinda didn't want to, but wasn't sure if it was fungal, so it got the garbage bag treatment. I'm just worried it might effect the others, I didn't really see anything on the others just this one. Like I said looked fine 2 days ago.

    canefan Well-Known Member

    I can't say with certainty but looks like a type of nute burn. Did you spray foliar fert on her? Or maybe just hot ass soil? I have had in the past on a couple of occassions seen this on my plants and had narrowed it down to nute burn or nute block.....have you checked the PH in your soil? If in the future you see this flush your soil as quickly as possible and you should see the new leaves revert back to normal growth.

    pickle Active Member

    I didn't foilar feed, they are in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Which it has been in since it rooted, so I wouldn't think nute burn, lock maybe, but I doubt that also, being they have been all given the same 6.8ph plain water that the others were given and this was the only one that looked like this. I appreciate the feedback, just something that was very odd, being it spread so quickly, and fast. It was lush and green two days prior, then blam a bunch of black and curled leaves.

    rleezx Active Member

    bump...having the same issues...humidity stress?

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    So you have other plants the same age in the same room that didn't have this problem? I've never seen a plant take a turn that hard in 2 days. That thing up and fuckin' died. Was there any kind of feeding within the previous 48 hours? Looks like it must've been some kind root issue, but that is aweful quick.

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